Thank you so much for my blue Military strap and my custom hand-made alligator watch band. I absolutely love them both. Not only great quality, but great comfort as well. The thick leather band that came with my Panerai was uncomfortable and the leather split after very little use. Then when I went to replace it with a strap from Panerai, it was going to cost between $500 - $800, depending on if I wanted alligator, which I did. You are better quality for less than half the price. I am very glad I found you guys online. Daniel was particularly helpful in making my choices. He told me that you were discontinuing this blue Military, which makes it all the more valuable to me. I got the last one lol. I was able to fit the Military on my Omega and use the alligator on my Luminor. I gifted one of your alligators to my attorney. He is very excited to get it soon. In appreciation of quality craftsmanship and customer service, I will continue to spread the word and wish you all the best of luck.

Sachin Mayi (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Just wanted to share a few thoughts about your single piece Military watch straps. I own a couple of simple military G-10 style watches for beating around on my ranch. Unfortunately the stock Military straps they come with are too long for me, the nylon seems thin, and the shiny silver hardware is flimsy. As a replacement I've purchased about a dozen of the DaLuca single piece Military straps in different colors with the PVD hardware. The nylon material is notably thicker and feels much more substantial. The straps are easily trimmed and fit my small wrists perfectly. PVD finish on these bands are the best I've seen and the black finish does not wear off. I'd highly recommend DaLuca straps to anyone looking to upgrade their stock Military strap.
Tom Duquette (Cross Plains, TX)
The other day I received my 1st order from DaLuca and I'm very impressed. It first started with a made to order Shell Cordovan watch strap, then after perusing DaLuca's website I added a belt and a wallet and the handy Venetian Cream. As you might of read in other reviews DaLuca mails their goods inside a nice drawstring bag, everything stamped and made by hand here in the USA with care and pride!! My entire shopping experience was flawless from the get go to receiving my goods, and they do all of this in such a reasonable amount of time. Daniel along with his friendly staff put the "A" in accessible, and go out of their way to communicate with the customer. Lastly, I intend on purchasing again and wouldn't hesitate recommending DaLuca straps to anyone.
Paul (New York)

After trying a number of 'traditional' strap makers and their designs, I was about ready to give up on ever finding a durable, comfortable and good-looking watch band. Even though the DaLuca straps seemed a little expensive, I liked the simple design and the quality of leathers used. I decided to try a couple and it's proved to be one of the best choices I've made in my watch hobby. Your straps are by far the most comfortable I've worn, easy to care for and seem like they'll last a long time.

I've also recently tried a couple of Italian-made Panerai style straps, and they're certainly nice. But their multi-layer construction produces a thick, somewhat stiff strap. And the inner made-made layer is just not very comfortable on the wrist. So that's why I've become a fan of DaLuca straps. There's really nothing else like them. Also, your customer service is simply A+. Best of all, DaLuca straps are made in America and a wide selection of ready-made designs are available (I just can't see waiting weeks for an order). I'm sure I'll be back for more straps.

Mark (Athens, GA)

I'm a huge fan of your shell cordovan watch straps. I surf, swim, workout and shower with my watch on. Once in a great while I clean the strap with saddle soap and it seems, after well over a year of constant use, to be perfect. I'm only buying a new strap to have it in reserve.
Christopher (New York, NY)
Hello, I just received my strap that I ordered on Friday. Very quick turnaround, I really appreciate it. The strap is really nice, I love the color and thickness, and the buckle is excellent, can't wait to install it on my watch. The person who helped me on the live chat last Friday was excellent and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend DaLuca to my friends. Thanks again!
Jonathan (Houston, TX)
I just wanted to tell you that this was my first aftermarket strap I purchased for my PAM 351 and I have to say you have set the bar quite high. I have been wearing the strap since Monday and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks again for your attentiveness and your high quality of standards.
Jahan (Houston, TX)

Thanks for being able to accommodate my request to size down a Military strap to 21mm. The speed that you were able to get it done and ship it to my hotel while I was on a business trip was just superb! I can tell you definitely take pride in your craft and satisfying your customer's needs. If only there were more businesses like yours! I've been wearing the strap for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say I am one happy customer. Money well spent! It's so buttery soft and the quality and workmanship is just excellent! I'm really looking forward to abusing it and seeing the leather age. I've already had a couple of friends compliment my watch and ask where I got it, and they were surprised to find out it was the same watch I've always had. Never got that attention with the old stock strap!

Paul (Ventura, CA)

It is always a bit worrying about ordering an item from the Internet, especially when you are from another country, as I am in the U.K. Anyway, I ordered a white suede watch strap from Da Luca, and I have to say it is the softest strap I have ever worn around my wrist, the suede leather is of very good quality and fits my watch perfectly. Da Luca were very prompt with the delivery and took under a week to reach me. Great purchase and very efficient company.
Joy (Berkshire, UK)
Just got my second strap from you “ The Olive Man”, and all I can say is WoW!! Love it man, it’s terrific. Just like my custom ammo strap from you, this croc strap does not fail to deliver on quality and workmanship. The subtle green and minimum stitch makes this strap a killer option for my base. Thanks again for superb customer service.
Ivan (Los Angeles, CA)
I'm mad at you! I'm mad because now I want one of your straps on ALL of my watches. I only like wearing the two watches I've replaced with your wonderful leather Military watch straps. I have the cordovan strap on a copper-faced Ernst Benz Chronosport and, as I suspected, it looks amazing. I didn't like the way the factory stainless band washed out the
color of the face, but the cordovan is perfect! Thanks again for producing a superior product. I'm sure I'll be in contact soon.
Lisa (Upland, CA)

I received the Shell Cordovan Military watch band from DaLuca today and have already installed it on my Lum-Tec Super Combat. I was glad to find a leather Military in 24mm, since most seem to be in the 20-22mm range. The band is exceptionally well made, very comfortable, and looks fantastic with the watch. The PVD finish on the buckles is perfect, the stitching is clean and looks quite durable, and the leather has a very attractive look that sets it apart from lesser, highly processed and plastic-looking straps. I’m very happy with DaLuca’s responsiveness as well, I ordered the band on Tuesday the 13th and received it on Thursday the 15th – on the other side of the country. I’ll certainly recommend DaLuca to my friends. Thank you.

Dustin (Raleigh, NC)

Just letting you know I received my strap for my BR. I must say it looks fantastic; it has a great vintage look that goes perfectly with the watch - It looks like a watch that Steven McQueen (R.I.P) himself would be proud to wear. Your excellent customer service and super prompt delivery added to my overall satisfaction. I look forward to purchasing more of your unique straps from you.
Paul (Melbourne, Australia)
Thanks for the fabulous strap you made for my Bell and Ross Phantom. It enhances the beauty of the watch in a way a regular rubber or skin strap can not. Plus, your artistic input was essential and invaluable. Knowing the strap is made from a vintage army pouch adds panache to my Phantom. And, of course, your prompt attention to my desire was icing on the cake!
Richard G (Dallas, TX)

BEAUTIFUL STRAP!!---- (I actually bought the strap before I even had the watch because it was so awesome>) Also has that "old leather" scent which makes it even more special.

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!---- It was literally only a matter of minutes between the time that I sent my emails and your responses.

TERRIFIC WEBSITE!!----- Great pictures and extremely easy to navigate.

SAFE AND EASY PURCHASE!!----- I received multiple emails confirming and updating the status of my order. I was confident that my order would show up on-time and as-ordered. I will definitely purchase from you again without hesitation when in the market for any more straps/ belts/ wallets. Can't wait until I get my PAM312 so that I can start advertising for you with my awesome strap.

Benny (Texas)

Received and have now been wearing for several days “The Republic” strap for my PAM 233. Love the fit, finish and unique look of the vintage leather that was used in this strap—I think the leather will just continue to get better with time and character. I will not hesitate to add another one of a kind from the DA LUCA collection! Thanks again for the prompt service.
Aaron (Indiana)
Just received my new strap, to say I am delighted would be a gross understatement, beautifully made and a perfect fit for my watch, stunning signed buckle as well, thank you very, very much, I will be ordering more straps shortly.
Dave (Northern England)
The watch straps you make are very unique. The amount of detail that goes into them is evident. I received my "Le Jardin" strap and immediately knew I had to have the Louis XIV made to have a pair made from you. I have received tons of compliments to the point that people look at my DaLuca strap before they even notice there is a Panerai connected to it.
Hugo P. (Los Angeles, Ca)
I got the "Desert Eagle" strap today and I gotta say it looks fantastic, better than the pic. It feels really good around the wrist and it really brings out the watch. I could immediately tell that this a high quality strap and its a definite keeper. Once again, many thanks for your generosity and your excellent customer service.
Fahmy (Singapore)
I received the awesome "Ruhstaller" strap. Since it had to be shipped to Bonn in Germany it took only a week to be delivered. The strap is a real beauty. It is fitted to a Luminor Submersible PAM 25. Impossible to find a more perfect ammo strap. A pleasure to wear. Thank you for this excellent quality strap.
Frank (Bonn, Germany)