How do I take care of my watch leather watch strap?

Leather is a natural product and is a porous material. As such, it is subject to change throughout its life-time and with daily use you will see darkening occur as well as a gorgeous patina. This is all very normal and expected to occur.

Due to certain tanning processes, some color transfer may occur and this too is normal. Leather is not waterproof, though a splash of water here and there should not hurt it. However, water spotting may occur if exposed to rain or water. All care should be taken to avoid contact with excessive sweat, water, perfumes or dirt to prevent unwanted discoloration and/or damage.

For natural undyed vegetable tanned leathers:

If you wish to accelerate the aging and darkening process of this leather, you may want to apply a few light coats of Venetian Cream leather conditioner. At first, the leather will look much darker and may show streaks from the application, but as the oil dries, the tones will settle and lighten up a bit. To darken it more, you can sit the item in the sun for a few hours. You’ll start to notice it darken which is completely normal. Depending on the time of year and intensity of the sun’s rays, this may take a few hours or a few days to darken. Remember, your leather good will evolve and continue to darken the more you handle it and expose it to the oils of your skin, dirt, sun, water, etc. That’s all a part of the beauty and appeal of high quality leather.

For suede leathers:

Suede is very delicate. To remove lint, dust and dirt from your strap, use a soft and clean brush and lightly brush over the surface of the strap to remove debris. Do not expose to water, excessive sweat or perfumes as stains from these cannot be removed from suede. Ideally, it is best to lightly spray the suede leather with a suede protector to help keep it from getting too dirty, before any real world use really begins. This will give it a protective barrier that will keep it looking much newer for longer.

What happens if my leather watch strap gets wet?

Leather inherently lacks full waterproof properties, though some exposure to water is generally harmless and not a big deal. For individuals anticipating frequent water contact, it is advisable to opt for straps fabricated from inherently water-resistant materials, including nylon or rubber, among others. Using a high quality leather conditioner is also highly recommended to preserve the natural oils within the leather. We highly recommend using Venetian Cream as it is a staple in our workshop and is still made in the USA.

What brands do you make watch straps for?

We make watch straps for almost all brands of watches that include Panerai, Rolex, Omega, IWC, Breitling, Grand Seiko, Patek Philippe, Nomos, A Lange and Sohne, Cartier, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, Chopard, Breguet, etc...

How thick are your watch straps?

Each watch strap is different and varies. Our custom made watch straps are made to your specs and that includes the thickness, which you can specify while ordering. The ready made watch straps also vary but each strap specifies the thickness on the details page. The general range of thicknesses for our watch straps is 1mm-5mm.

Where are your products made?

We strive to make every single product we possibly can here in our San Diego, Ca workshop but not all products are possible to make here. We source as much as we can from within the USA from our leather to buckles to small metal parts but some items have to be outsourced. All of our leather goods are made in the USA with most of them being handmade here in our San Diego, Ca workshop. We strive to only offer the absolute best quality products we possibly can and do as much as possible to make everything within the USA. Simplicity and quality backed by top notch customer service are always at the forefront of DA LUCA!

How do I place a custom order and what is the turnaround time?

Custom orders generally take 8-10 business days to make + ship time. Orders can be placed on our Custom Watch Strap page and any questions you have prior to placing your order can be sent to info@dalucastraps.com. All custom orders are made to order and there are no refunds/returns due to the nature of the product.

What is your turnaround time for custom made watch straps?

We generally turn custom watch strap orders around in 8-10 business days plus ship time.

Can you make a custom watch strap to fit my OEM Deployment clasp?

Yes, we can. We just need the measurements and details for the specific OEM deployment clasp you intend to use, so we can make it fit as close to perfect as possible.

Can I order a strap with an odd lug size?

Yes, we offer almost every width in our custom watch strap program. Any lug width is possible and not a problem at all. Visit our Custom Watch Strap page today to place an order for the perfect watch strap.

Can I request different types of stitching?

Yes, we can accommodate this for our custom made watch straps only. Our straps are fully customizable and you can request the stitching color and stitching design with us prior to placing your order. Since all of our custom straps are made in house, we have full control over the manufacturing process.

Can we send you our own leather/material for you to make a custom watch strap out of?

Yes, we absolutely love to receive materials from our clients that we are able to re-purpose and make into a watch band. Some previous examples include an old
briefcase, leather car interior, army boots, baseball glove, etc.

Can I use my original OEM buckle with a made to order watch strap?

Yes, this is possible but we will need to know the specs of the buckle prior to starting the production of any made to order watch bands. There will need to be careful consideration for the thickness of the strap and the hole sizing as well.

How do I change my watch strap?

- For watches with spring bars

Quite a few watch straps are attached to wrist watches with spring bars. Spring bars are small metal bars with saturn-like ring ends that compress to release the bar.

In order to remove a spring bar you will need to take a spring bar removal tool, using the v-like forked end, to find the end of the spring bar between the strap and the lug of the watch. You can push the end of the bar inwards to compress and remove the spring bar from the hole in the lug end. You should now be able to pull the strap away form the watch. You can repeat this process for both sides of the watch strap.

Next, you can slide the spring bars through the ends of your new DA LUCA watch strap, ensuring the watch strap is the correct side up and that the shorter strap with the buckle is attached to the 12 O'clock position, while the longer strap is attached to the 6 o'clock position. Using the forked end of the watch strap, press the other end of the spring bar inwards, before releasing it into the small hole on the other lug. To finish, you should check that the spring bars are properly in the holes and that the strap is securely fastened to the watch so that it won't fall off unexpectedly. You can do so by slightly tugging on the watch strap and jiggling it around to make sure it is snug and doesn't come off.

- For watches with screw attachments

Some watch straps are attached to watches with screw bars, such as Panerai. For the most part this is with visible screws on the sides of the watch lugs. For these types of attachments you can simply unscrew the screw head with a small screwdriver, remove the watch strap, thread the screw through your new DA LUCA watch strap and secure the screw back in place using the screwdriver.

Do you offer any discounts?

We highly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter as we send out many discounts and promotions, most being for the newsletter subscribers only. Other than that you can continue to visit our website periodically to see if any new promotions are released.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% off discount for all active duty, retired, veterans, active duty law enforcement and first responders. To receive this discount please email us your ID at info@dalucastraps.com, and we can gladly forward details of the discount.

Do you have a retail, brick and mortar, location in San Diego, Ca?

No, we currently do not have a physical brick and mortar location anymore in San Diego, Ca. We used to have a location from 2012-2019 and there is always the possibility of us opening a location in the future, but as of now we have no plans to do so.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping to our domestic (USA) customers on any order of $100USD or greater (not including tax). If your order is below $100USD, we offer USPS 1st Class mail for $6.50USD, FedEx 2 Day for $15USD or FedEx Standard Overnight for $30USD.

For our international customers we offer free shipping on any order of $175USD or greater (not including tax). If your order is below that amount we charge a flat rate of $30USD for FedEx Int'l Economy or $35USD for FedEx Int'l Priority. Some countries require the full amount to be paid by the customer (i.e Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia etc...) which is around $50-$60. Please email us for more details on the price to ship to your country. As mentioned below, we do not take returns from international customers.

To ship to an APO/FPO military address you will need to make sure the country is set to 'United States'. For the state you will have options underneath Arkansas that range from 'Armed Forces Africa' to 'Armed Forces Pacific' and you will need to choose the correct one. 'APO AE' or the equivalent can be entered under the 'Suburb/City' option. The zip code can be entered like normal under the 'zip code' area.

How long does standard shipping take?

Shipping will be different depending on where the package is going to. Most shipments to the USA will take between 1-5 business days while most international shipments may take 4-10 business days depending on the country and customs for each country. We strive to ship all ready made orders out within 24-48 hours during the business week while custom orders can take 8-10 business days or longer, depending on what the specific item is.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide, everyday!

Do you offer tracking info with each order?

Yes, we offer tracking information with every order. We send a total of 3x emails per order.

1) is an order confirmation email as soon as your order is placed

2) we send out the tracking # along with a confirmation that your order has been shipped

3) there is a notification email sent out that confirms delivery has taken place and you should try to seek out the package as soon as possible

What is your return policy?

In order to return a product, you must notify us within 14 business days of receiving your order for us to take an order back (this applies to USA customers only). For our international customers, we cannot offer any return policy due to the costs and time of shipping, along with custom's delays and fees. We do NOT accept returns on Made To Order items which include any custom made watch strap and all of our belts, as each belt is made to your specs/size. You should expect to receive your refund within 7-10 business days of us receiving your returned package, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly.


How do I measure my watch to know the correct watch strap width I need?

In order to know what size watch strap that you need, you will need to grab a "mm" ruler and measure in between the "lug ends" of your watch. You do not want to generally measure your old watch strap as it can be either the wrong size for your watch or it may have shrunk over the years of hard use and abuse. Here is an example of what you need to measure:Lug_Width.gif

What is the correct size watch strap for my wrist?

In order to calculate the correct length for your watch strap you will need to know your wrist size. To get this you can wrap a flexible tape measure or anything flexible enough around your wrist and where the material meets around your wrist you can place that section on a ruler to get the accurate wrist size.

wrist measurement watch strap lug width

Here is a standard size chart to give you an idea of what lengths may be needed for your wrist:

Wrist Size (Inches) Strap Length
6.00 to 6.50 110/70mm
6.25 to 7.25 115/75mm
7.0 to 7.5 120/75mm
7.5 to 8.0 125/80mm






Lug Width

luminor lug width

Rolex Submariner 20mm
Rolex Daytona 20mm
Rolex GMT-Master II 20mm
Rolex Explorer II 20mm
Rolex Deep Sea (DSSD) 21mm
Rolex Datejust 36 20mm
Rolex Datejust 41 21mm
Rolex Milgauss 20mm
Omega Speedmaster Pro 20mm
Omega Seamaster 20mm
Tudor Blackbay 22mm
Breitling Navitimer 41/43 22mm
Breitling Navitimer 45/46 24mm
Bell & Ross BR-01 24mm
Bell & Ross BR-03 24mm
Apple Small 22mm
Apple Large 24mm
SevenFriday All Models 28mm

What is the proper watch strap width for my Panerai watch?

The general rule of thumb with Panerai watches is simple. If you own a 40mm case Panerai then you need a 22mm wide watch strap, for a 44mm case you would need a 24mm wide watch and for a 47mm case you would need a 26mm wide watch strap. Please refer to the charts below to find the correct lug width for your Panerai watch:


Case Diameter

luminor case diameter

Case Lug Width

luminor lug width

40mm 22mm
42mm 22mm
44mm 24mm
47mm 26mm
48mm 26mm


Case Diameter

submersible case diameter


Case Lug Width

submersible case lugs size


42mm 22mm
44mm 24mm
47mm 26mm


Case Diameter

luminor due case diameter


Case Lug Width

luminor due case lugs size

38mm 20mm
42mm 22mm
45mm 24mm


Case Diameter

radiomir case diameter

Case Lug Width

radiomir lug width

40mm 24mm
42mm 22mm
45mm 26mm
47mm 26mm