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The Da Luca Made-to-Order Leather Military Watch Band

Handmade In The USA

Our made to order leather military watch straps are handmade from some of the finest Horween leathers available. We pair this ultra-tough, yet supple leather, with finely finished stainless steel hardware to create an exceptional quality watch strap that is guaranteed to enhance your watch as well as be a statement piece for your wrist.

We hand stitch every strap using the strongest 4 ply waxed linen thread for added durability and give meticulous attention to detail so each strap is built to last using only the finest materials available.

Enhance your watch with this luxurious handmade military style leather watch strap, it will give years of all-day comfort and style. Production time is generally 5-10 business days.

Customizing Your Watch Band | How to Order


Knowing and selecting the correct width is critical to the custom watch strap ordering process. If this detail is unknown then we generally perform a web search when trying to find a specific watch's lug width. For example when searching for an Omega Speedmaster Pro's lug width we would search for "Omega Speedmaster Lug Width", which can be a great starting point. You can add the specific model # to the search as well which can be even more accurate.


The buckle is a very personal choice. Generally most people match the finish or material of the watch's case to the buckle, but this is not a hard fast rule. Also the general size or feel of the watch is matched here too, meaning a smaller watch might do best with a smaller INOX style buckle while a larger watch might pair best with our oval style metal buckle. Please note that we are offering our INOX POLISHED buckle for our 1 PIECE design only and it is meant to be paired with the leather keepers to create a stylish 1 PIECE vintage mil watch strap.


While there are many wonderful options to choose from, our top few choices would be matching to the leather, cream to give it a nice vintage look or white to offer a fresh, clean look. Black is another great option especially if you want to match the stitching to a PVD (Black) buckle. All of the other colors are a personal choice and that depends on the watch and your personality.


This option refers to the thin leather or metal pieces that the tip of the long strap slides into after going through the buckle, so the tip stays nice and close to your wrist. We are offering a leather keeper option but ONLY for the 1 PIECE design option. Our metal keepers option is available on both the 1 PIECE or full MILITARY design.


This is our go to leather conditioner in the shop and we have been offering this product since our inception. It is still made in Chicago and they still use glass bottles with a metal cap and make one of the finest leather conditioners out there. If you have not tried it or simply do not have a leather conditioner we highly recommend adding a bottle to your collection as vintage straps do get thirsty and need conditioning from time to time.


This is where you can write and add any notes that are pertinent to the order that we need to know. We generally say the more details the better.

In 2009 DaLuca Straps was founded in San Diego, Ca as a passionate brand that focused solely on producing hand crafted watch straps. Since then they have expanded their in house manufacturing team to produce watch bands that fit virtually every watch + offer accessories such as wallets, belts, key chains & t-shirts. Quality, longevity and simplicity are always at the forefront at DaLuca Straps.

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