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Who Should Buy a Panerai?

Who Should Buy a Panerai?

All over the world, people are getting hyped about Panerai watches, and the Panerai frenzy has spread across the globe. What makes Panerai watches so special? Let's dive deep into the features.

The watch has big numerals and a classic dial, which are attractive to many collectors. The look is stylish yet vintage with some case styles dating back to the 1930s. The design is simple yet unique and stands out amongst all other watches. Not to mention the trademarked crown guard, which is one of the main identifiers of the brand. This feature of Panerai is its identity, which is not shared by other watches.

Panerai products are high-end products. However, the watches are costly, but the quality is worth the price. Some models are supplied with ETA movements while others include an in house movement.

A Brief History Of Panerai

The first watch made by Panerai was a diving watch, and radioactive materials were used to make the dials glow in the dark. Panerai was commissioned by the Italian navy to make underwater watches.

PAM00112 and PAM00372 are significant, yet straightforward Panerai watches that have unique movements. They make you feel like you are wearing some instrument related to the military. They give a masculine and bold look. Panerai models such as 111, 112 and 183 are in high demand by the customers.

Even though every Panerai looks identical, however, each one has got its distinctive features that make them different from each other.

Reason to Buy a Panerai

Owning a Panerai is considered a huge thing, and whoever owns one, makes the heads turn towards them. Once you own a Panerai, you become the envy of everyone around you.

Panerai model 359 is also admired a lot amongst the massive.The admiration comes not just because of its beauty but also for its supreme Calibre P.9000 movement.

It won't be wrong if we say that Panerai set the trend for big watches and strap swapping trend. You also get to have an extra strap and tools for changing the strap yourself at home. Different sorts of straps can be bought from Panerai, and custom straps are also made.

You can have a dozen different straps and create multiple different looks for individual styles. You can personalize your watch look with any strap you want. DaLuca Straps offer the best hand-made and custom watch straps in the world for your Panerai.

You can buy a PAM00111 which has got a legendary pocket watch movement, or you can buy a PAM00533 has got an in-house GMT movement with a power reserve indicator, seconds reset function and 10 full days of power reserve.

Different Kinds of Panerai

There is a Panerai for every different kind of watch lover. Panerai 111, 210, 540, 359 and 183, all are gorgeous and attractive. Panerai watches are large and imposing and can be worn with business suits as well as with jeans. Panerai watches get you people's stares and attention, and they won't help themselves from commenting on the beauty of these unique watches.

If you are into a well-made mechanical timepiece and distinctive kind of watches, then Panerai is just the right watch for you. They are simple and unique and make people envious of you. If you don't have a Panerai yet, then get one because you are missing out on a lot. Panerai is worth owning. Panerai is luxurious and makes you feel good about yourself.

When you go to buy a Panerai, choosing different kinds is hard because all are so appealing and attractive.Once you have a Panerai with a base dial, you will want one with a Marina dial. If you have an automatic Panerai, you will want a manual one. If you a 000 Panerai with painted dial, you will desire a 372 with a sandwich dial. In other words, you will feel like getting obsessed with every type of Panerai out there and will crave to buy more.

Even though every Panerai out there is unique and gorgeous in its way, however, the most popular model of Panerai is Luminor Marina. It had got a 44mm wide case and a recognizable trademark crown guard. There are various types of Luminor Marina. Among these include the PAM104 Automatic, PAM005 Logo, PAM441 Ceramica, and PAM289 GMT.

What Do We Have to Say?

Panerai is known for its diversity, uniqueness, and simplicity. The bold and masculine look has got an attraction that is distinctive in its way. These qualities make this watch worth spending money!

However, if you already have a Panerai, and you are looking to pair it up with the perfect Panerai strap, head over to DaLuca Straps for the premium quality straps. You can get high-quality vintage watch straps for your Panerai, or you can opt for Perlon watch straps. The choice is yours.

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