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Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N Watch Review

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N Watch Review

Although not entirely based on any one reference number, the Heritage Black Bay is a beautiful tribute to past Tudor dive watches.

Since this watch is an homage of old Tudor dive watches, it is also an homage to Rolex Submariners, the original source of inspiration for the Tudor diving watch series.

While the burgundy version and the blue bezel were impressive throwbacks to an old era of watch designs, the new Black Bay bezel also looks fantastic on the wrist, and pairs up perfectly with almost every outfit. For all serious Tudor or watch collectors we recommend our Tudor Black Bay 58 watch straps and Tudor Black Bay 41 watch straps as well as our custom Tudor Black Bay watch straps.

What Does The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch Offer?

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N Watch

Tudor Watch Case and Crown

The case is significantly bigger than the dive watches that influenced its design. This is mainly due to the cost associated with making the case sharper and sleeker. However, for a watch in this price range, that is completely understandable.

This is the biggest giveaway that this is not a true vintage piece, but an inspired and diluted version of the original watch.

Tudor fashioned this case from 316L steel. This is the same metal that Rolex used for its steel watches until they switched to its patented 904L alloy in the recent past.

The top of the lugs is coated with satin, while the sides are brushed. Another nice touch is the beveled case lugs, which Rolex does not create any more.

The crown has been properly updated and looks fantastic. However, like the case, the crown is also bigger than the old diving watches. The transparent PVD-coated crown tube cover is also a nice touch to the case. Not only does it make everything look beautiful, but it also ties everything together into a beautiful symmetry.

Tudor Matte Dial Watch

The dial finish is one of the Black Bay’s most dominant features. When exposed to the appropriate lighting, the matte “flesh” features appear clearly on the dial. This matte flesh was one of the most important and beautiful features of the older and most sought-after retro watches.

The gilt-style printing is the one feature that aesthetically drives this watch to the retro territory. It is nearly the same color as a 5510 old gilt dial. What this watch lost due to the giant case, it gained back in the dial.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N Watch Dial

The Tudor Watch Bracelet

Black Bay watches develop an entirely different aesthetics with a black bezel and also with the patented steel bracelet. Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch comes with a gorgeous steel bracelet.

It is no different from the classic items that influenced the design for Tudor Heritage Black Bay. On the cuff, the bracelet offers the traditional rugged jewelry feel. It is the kind of watch boasting a classic neutrality ideal for swapping watch bands and watching new features appear. However, there is one drawback to this watch.

Tudor includes an additional watch band in the package that seems to indicate that users can easily switch the straps. However, extracting the spring bars is almost impossible unless you have a very special device that only licensed dealers use. It can often be irritating to change the bracelet or watch strap on Tudor black bay without using the necessary tools.

What Do We Have to Say?

Every watch from the house of Tudor is a wonderful piece of art and style. With unparalleled standards and exceptional quality, Tudor Heritage Black Bay is everything a watch-lover can ever dream of wearing around their wrist.

You can pair this watch with any strap from DaLuca Straps. The Tudor Black Bay watches go perfectly with everything from leather single piece watch straps to custom watch straps.

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