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Timex Q Reissue Watch Review

Timex Q Reissue Watch Review

Timex was initially founded back in 1854, which means that the company has a lot to offer when it comes to reinventing the vintage era watches. In the recent past, this Connecticut-based company has been focused on reinventing some of its original and vintage models for the watch lovers’ community. The company has reissued classic timepieces and allowed its vintage designs to inspire new ones. Timex Q Reissue is one of those classic timepieces.

Timex designer Giorgio Galli recently commented that the company chose the models for reissue with extreme care and consideration. The models need to reflect the brand's history as well as resonate with modern tastes. "When you go to the archive, it's a joy. It's discovery," says Timex designer Giorgio Galli. "Every time, I would like to reissue everything I see."

A Brief History

The Timex Q model was initially released in the 1970s. At the time, it was a significant milestone for the company and earned it a place among the giants in the watch community. The watch acted as the brand's entree into the quartz revolution. Every watch company was moving away from mechanical and into a quartz era. Timex Q was the first watch to have a quartz-based mechanism.

The Design

The new Timex Q stays true to its original predecessor and still retains the "Q" logo on the dial. The case features the neo-vintage goodness that we all admire and appreciate. The case offers hooded lugs around the edges. Moreover, the case is 38mm in diameter and embodies the original 70s design from the first Timex Q model.

Moreover, the case features beautiful and gorgeous finishes that transition into one another with subtlety and elegance.

The watch is quite slim and is only 12.4mm in height. From the bottom to the top of the domed acrylic, the watch offers a slimmer profile than the competitors. The multi-faceted mid-case, the caseback, and the bezel and crystal are segmented together into a case, so the entire watch gives a feeling of modernity.

The dual-rotation bezel is non-ratcheting and can rotate in two directions. The bezel offers a gorgeous “Pepsi” colorway with a dark blue and red color scheme. The bezel is fixed on top of a blue platform, and the teeth offer an excellent grip to the wearer for rotation.

What's brilliant about this watch is that it offers a battery hatch on the bottom. The majority of modern watchmakers have eliminated this practice, but Timex has brought it back with the new Timex Q reissue. The watch comes with a 377 cell, and you can easily swap with a new one without any hassle.

The watch relies on a Seiko SII Epson PC33 movement. This is a rather inexpensive movement created for the early Seiko quartz watches, but it does its job perfectly. One important thing about this caliber is that it has a day/date at the 3:00, but the day isn’t quick-set. This is why you can only be set the day manually by moving the hands past midnight.

The bracelet was also inspired by the vintage model. It comes in a classic “woven” style. It has folded links that offer a sportier look at the watch. It is easy to adjust, use, and feels comfortable around the wrist.

The watch is designed to be light, airy, and vintage-looking. It has truly captured the essence of the original Timex Q and quickly garnered fame among watch lovers. In a time when reinventions go for hundreds and thousands of dollars, Timex Q comes with a retail price of only $179USD.

What Do We Have to Say?

Do you want class, elegance, and fabulous feeling around your wrist? Well, Timex Q is your answer. It brings back the vintage era that looks with modern functionalities. If you have already purchased your Timex Q, it is time to find a soulmate watch strap for your watch.

If you are looking for new and exciting watch straps to spice up your Timex Q, head over to DaLuca Straps, you will find modern, durable, and robust military leather watch straps and shell cordovan watch straps for your vintage Timex Q reissue, which takes an 18mm wide watch strap. Pick the watch strap that pairs perfectly with your watch.

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