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This Is Who Should Buy a Panerai?

This Is Who Should Buy a Panerai?

Panerai is all about quality, simplicity, practicality, flashiness, and masculine appearance. Talking about watches, people tend to have a liking for a certain style. Some people are a fan of watches that look fancy and luxurious while others love to have all new sports watches. However, when it comes to Panerai, it's a whole other story.

What's Special About Panerai?

You might be wondering what is so special about Panerai that people fell in love with even when all the Panerai watches look almost the same with plain designs and look pretty heavy. Well, the reason why its fans so love Panerai is its military history, distinctive looks, quality, and character. Let's talk about it in detail.

History Of Panerai

The journey of Panerai watches started when the Italian navy commissioned the company to make underwater watches as Panerai was already making underwater instruments and gauges at that time.

This led Panerai to be the first company to make one of the very first diving watches whose dial glowed in the dark due to radioactive material used in its making. These watches were sold only to the military until a Panerai watch was used in a Sly Stallone movie, and the craze for oversized Panerai watches then started. This is when Panerai decided to sell watches to the public but in limited numbers.

panerai watch on a vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap

Unique Panerai Style

Coming to the looks, what could be interesting in a plain-looking watch? To be really honest, these classic plain-looking dials and numerals are very appealing to many guys in general, and collectors in particular as these looks date back to the 1930s.

The simplicity of the design is something that adds to the beauty and the practicality of the watch. You don't have to put your eye against the watch as it seems to happen with clustered dials. The design gives the watch its identity as it can't be mistaken for any other watch.

Superb Panerai Quality

Quality is something that Panerai takes very seriously. The thing that makes the Panerai watches so expensive is their quality. The use of the best materials and attention to the details are taken well into consideration while making these rugged watches. The combination of quality and detailing of the parts used in the watches is one of the reasons why these watches are seen as a status symbol and a dream for many executives.

The Panerai Character

A Panerai, due to its size, weight, and simplicity, makes you feel like you are wearing some kind of military equipment on your wrist. These watches have a very rugged and practical character. Panerai watches also come with options for personalization as they come with an extra strap.

You can either buy straps directly from Panerai or get them ordered from the worldwide specialists. Let it be jeans or formal suits, Panerai goes with everything. You can either change the straps according to your attire, for different occasions or simply as you feel like. The watch surely is a complete package of character, simplicity, quality, and practicality.

panerai 372 watch on a handmade red lizard watch strap

This Is Who Should Buy a Panerai?

You shouldn’t buy a Panerai if you want something formal because this watch is all about utilitarian and rugged character. If you are not confident enough to frequently answer people about your watch, don’t buy a Panerai because Panerai is for someone comfortable with all the attention this watch brings.

If you are a person who loves to have a well-built, quality watch and wants to make a statement, go for Panerai. Panerai is for people who love to feel good while making a luxurious and authoritarian statement.

Once you have found your soulmate Panerai, the next step is to accessorize it with the latest and the most gorgeous watch straps. Head over to DaLuca Straps and find the perfect pair of watch straps for your Panerai.

You can choose from a wide range of handmade two piece leather straps, vintage French ammo pouch watch bands, and Shell Cordovan straps. The choice is all yours.

panerai 372 watch on a vintage swiss ammo pouch watch band
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