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The Top Tanneries in The World

The Top Tanneries in The World

Leather has been an integral component of our everyday life for many centuries now. With so many options available, it just makes sense to know what makes each type so unique. To take things a step further, knowing where these leathers come from is also just as important. Let us take you into the various tanneries that tan and produce some of the finest leathers on planet earth.

The Top Tanneries in the World

While every tannery will claim to be the best in the business, there are a few who stand out among the competitors. Horween Tannery (USA), Shinki Hikaku (Japan), Hermann Oak (USA) and Wickett and Craig Tannery (USA) are just a few examples of the best tanneries in the world. Whether it’s various full grain leathers, Shell Cordovan or Chromexcel, these tanneries are the best in the business. Let’s take a brief look:

Horween Tannery (USA)

Horween Leather Co. has been a giant in the leather manufacturing industry since 1905. It is also the proud producer of Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan for well over a century now. These are some of the absolute finest leathers you can find. With age and wear comes insanely gorgeous patina and aging that only gets better with time. They tan all of their cow and horse hides directly in their Chicago, IL tannery.

The Chromexcel leather alone goes through 89 different processes. This leather is oiled and waxed with natural oils which help it achieve the world-famous sheen. Additionally, shell cordovan leather produced by Horween Leather Co. also undergoes an intense tanning procedure which lasts well over 6 months. This lustrous leather is 100% worth the wait (see below for a photo of Shell Cordovan).

horween shell cordovan marbled leather hide

Shinki Hikaku (Japan)

One of Japan’s most respected tanneries is the world famous “Shinki Hikaku Tannery.” Founded in 1951, the tannery currently operates out of Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, Japan.

It earned its place among the top tanneries by offering premium quality equine leathers, such as Shell Cordovan. The shell cordovan leather produced by Shinki Hikaku takes over an entire year. The corporation brings in specially selected horsehide from Europe and uses patented and specialized processing techniques to bring out the sheen in the leather.

S.B. Foot Tanning Co. (USA)

S.B. Foot Tanning Co. is one of the oldest running tanneries in the world. It was founded in 1872, and it has been providing world-class leather products for well over a century. Silas B. Foot and George Sterling founded the tannery on the banks of Trout Brook, near Red Wing, Minnesota in the U.S.

They specialize in creating full grain and rough-out leather products. Red Wing Shoes, a boots and shoes company, has been using their leather for over a decade now. S.B. Foot Tanning Co. also provides powerful and durable leather to the military for commercial and special purposes. It also sells stock leather by the yard.

Hermann Oak (USA)

Hermann Oak is among the oldest operating and finest leather producing tanneries in the world. It is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Hermann Oak gained its place among the top tanneries by originating and introducing the vegetable tanning process in America. Furthermore, it was also the lead supplier of leather products to the army in both world wars.

As of now, Hermann Oak is the lead provider of premium quality vegetable tanned cowhides. Their superior products include Harness and Bridle leathers, as well as rawhides for drum skins. Additionally, the corporation also employs modern ecological processes to reduce the environmental impact of their procedures. The leather-making process is made as eco-friendly as possible.

J&FJ Baker (England)

As the last standing Oak Bark Tannery in the rural town of Devon, J&FJ Baker tannery in England is among the top tanneries.

The team at J&FJ Baker consists of local skilled artists, tanners, and craftsmen who received their skills and procedures as a heritage from their ancestors. The corporation is still keeping the vegetable tanning process alive by using bark from the oak tree. The tannery’s strict adherence to the standards in British leather making earned it a place among the top tanneries in the world.

The tannery creates superior quality leather, which is then supplied to bag makers, shoemakers, and other leather-based companies, such as Crockett and Jones.

DaLuca Straps and Top Tanneries

Only the top tanneries in the world can provide world-class leather to be used as the foundation for creating the finest quality leather straps for watches. The finest leather goes into creating the best and the most durable leather watch traps offered by DaLuca Straps.

Whether you want a traditional style 2 piece leather strap, military single piece leather strap, shell cordovan leather strap or custom leather watch strap for your dream watch, we have got it covered. DaLuca Straps offers high-end leather straps for long-lasting use. The straps are elegant and pair perfectly with Panerai, Rolex, Omega, Breitling, IWC and many other brands.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for creative ways to accessorize your dream watch, you can never go wrong with a leather strap wrapped around your wrist. Get the best leather straps from DaLuca Straps and become the life of the party!

horween leather hides
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