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The Seiko SRPE27 “Monster” PADI Special Edition Watch Review
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The Seiko SRPE27 “Monster” PADI Special Edition Watch Review

Seiko introduced the SRPE27 "Monster" PADI Special Edition with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This is a very useful dive watch that has a lot to offer and should be looked into. Seiko has previously released hundreds of similar watches being “double stamped” with the diving association's logo. However, this special edition watch is a proper “Monster” tool vs the others.

If you are a fan of Seiko, you should know that the company doesn’t name its watches. Seiko collectors name the watches. The Seiko fans have come up with amazing names in the past, such as the “Tuna,” “the "Sumo," and the "Monster." The Seiko Monster is also a nickname by Seiko fans. The fans came up with this name in accordance with the model's beautiful case shape and grooved edges that appear to resemble teeth.

Seiko SRPE27 “Monster” PADI Special Edition Watch

The new Seiko Monster PADI Special Edition diver brings a brand-new colorway to your fingertips. It also showcases PADI branding. You will also see the diving association's red and blue signature colors on the bezel. If you are looking for something more, you should know that this special edition showcases a blued steel bezel. In the past, we have seen the traditional bi-color Pepsi bezel configuration. So, this will be a break from the mundane bi-color scheme.

The Brand-New Bezel

If you were thinking of bold colors, you should know that this watch is subdued even though it uses brighter colors. The dark blue color for the bezel resembles a dark and cold aqua color. This is a muted color in low light. However, it does feature a sunburst effect in sunlight. The bezel also comes with a radial brushing pattern.

Seiko used white paint to fill the markings and numbers on the bezel. This white paint helps with nice depth and legibility. You will also see a red triangle at the lume pip at 12 o'clock. This red triangle also resembles the minute and seconds hand on the dial.

Seiko also uses a bold typeface for the numerals. This typeface particularly features modern and vintage design reminders. The action of the bezel is also powerful and tighter than previous models.

The Dial

The dial is matte-textured. However, it will also feature a sunburst effect in lighting. The markers are set flatly on the dial as opposed to the traditional risen markers. The markers are white. But, you can observe a hint of blue from Seiko's proprietary luminescent material, LumiBrite.

You will also find the symbol for Prospex right underneath the Seiko logo. You will also find the logo on regular production models right above the word Automatic. On this special edition watch, you will find the PADI word mark underneath the logo.

What Do We Have to Say?

The Seiko SRPE27 “Monster” PADI Special Edition is a brilliant diver’s watch. You can find hundreds of different watch straps on DaLuca Straps for your special edition watch. There are premium-quality shell cordovan watch straps and custom-made watch straps in this store. The choice is yours.

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