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The Seiko Prospex SNJ025 “Arnie” Watch

The Seiko Prospex SNJ025 “Arnie” Watch

The H558-5009 is one of the first analog-digital dive watches, and it has become synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his roles in Commando (1985) and Predator (1987), respectively.

Schwarzenegger wore an H558-5009 on his wrist in both the action-packed and predictably pumped-up roles. While hunting mercenaries or hunting aliens, the H558-5009 became known as the “Arnie.”

Well, the Arnie is back for 2019 with a few subtle updates that will blow your mind away and make you fall in love with this watch. The watch is available in three separate colorways.

Moreover, modern SNJ025 is quite similar to the initial H558-5009. It offers a black 47.8 mm tuna-style case, polished lugs, a uni-directional revolving bezel, and Seiko’s regular dial watch configuration with an LCD. Let’s take a look at what the modern “Arnie” has to offer.

The Lightweight Case

While the SNJ025 is still 47.8 mm long, 14.4 mm thick, and 51.3 mm lug to lug, you may be shocked how it embraces the wrist and does not feel heavy.

The case is huge but with a comfortable 22 mm long black silicone band that fits very well. The case is lightweight and gently sits around the wrist.

While the SNJ025 looks big, it is not hard to carry at all. If you are the sort who always eschews the sleeves, you may not even feel you are wearing the modern “Arnie.”

The Solar-powered Movement

Driven by a solar quartz movement, the H851, the SNJ025, provides an analog time that is coordinated and fixed by an electronic crown and the display screen accompanying it.

The screen provides a handful of additional functions, including a digital time display, a calendar, local time (second-time zone), a chronograph, and an alarm, using two locking pushers on the left case flank. All these functions are essential and very helpful, with a minimal interface between you and the end function itself.

Although the user interface is quite simple to grasp, it can appear quite restrictive as the upper pusher is used both as an “action” button for certain functions and as a backlight trigger for the device. So, you can have your chronograph, but it will be harder to read it in the dark.

The Brand-new Dial

The dial is not quite black; it rather reveals itself under very bright light as a grey-purple. The audiences assumed that this color has something to do with the solar cell.

There is a pusher and an exposed black ring at the top of the dial. The ring is supposed to inform you the pusher is disabled and cannot offer the 200m (660 ft) water resistance. Complete with a dive bezel, the SNJ025 provides more than enough water resistance for diving once you screw the crown and the pushers down.

Miscellaneous Features

SNJ025 offers solar power, a battery control system, and the ability to set up a second time zone when traveling quickly. When you set up a second time zone, the home time remains on the analog display, and the local time is displayed on the digital.

In general, the LCD monitor is still small, but the legibility is excellent in reasonable light or when the backlight is available.

What Do We Have to Say?

The modern Arnie is an amazing watch that offers a rugged look for the wearers. Since this watch is inspired and named after one of the toughest guys on the planet, you can be sure that the watch itself is quite durable.

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