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The Rolex Cellini Watch Overview

The Rolex Cellini Watch Overview

Rolex Cellini watches, considered as the tuxedo dress watch in the line of Rolex watches, is inspired by classical design. Even by the standards of Rolex watches, this watch series has its unique place in the world of luxury watches. The series has made a recent comeback. Here we'll tell you what's so special about this Rolex watch series.

A Brief History

The Rolex watch series was named after a goldsmith, musician and a well-known Florentine sculptor of the 16th century, Benvenuto Cellini. The design of the series is far away from the sporty-looking Rolex models that can be seen today. Instead, the series has clean and sleek dials with its design is based upon a mathematical divine proportion that looks good to the eyes called the Golden Section.

Rolex Cellini is for people who tend to choose their path. It is for the people who choose what hasn’t been chosen by the majority. People who believe that less is more and want to make a strong statement while not compromising on the element of simplicity or grace, are the ones who should buy a Rolex Cellini.

The Inner Movement

The Cellini series watches have been made using both quartz or mechanical movements.

An Overview

Rolex Cellini Prince

Introduced in 1928, it was the first Rolex to earn Chronometric certification by being manufactured in quantity. Rolex gave Cellini Prince a new rectangular shape and a transparent case back, which was different from the watches of that period.

With Rolex Cellini Prince, you have options to choose from a Cellini made from different luxury metals and five color combinations. Cellini comes in 18 carats Everose, white or yellow gold case with dial colors ranging from champagne, silver, black, and silver or black and pink dials. This freedom of choice enables you to rock your Cellini Prince with any attire you want.

Rolex Cellini Time

Rolex Cellini Time has a humble character and doesn't have a lot going, but this is the reason this watch is so special. The timepiece is the epitome of sophistication. The watch comes in different colors and designs. Rolex Cellini either comes in 18 carats white or Everose gold, white or black dial with a 39 mm case.

A new Cellini, with double ring bezel consisting of an inner ring studded with 96 diamonds and the outer ring which is fine fluted, was introduced in Baselworld. This watch is supposed to be an upgrade to classic Rolex Cellini Time, and this upgrade is surely an elegant and sparkling one.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time

Rolex Cellini Dual Time gets its name as it can show two time zones at a time. The second time zone is shown in a sub-dial which also has a beautiful sun and moon that depicts day and night.

The Rolex Cellini Dual Time comes with a black or silver dial featuring a “rayon flammé de la Gloire" motif in a choice of 18 carats white or Everose gold.

Other Models

Some other models of Rolex Cellini series include the Date, the Castello, the Danos, and the Cellissimo ladies watch. The model and the serial number of the watches are engraved on the case back.

What Do We Have to Say?

Rolex has always managed to set itself apart from the rest. Innovation, elegance and dedication to accurate timekeeping has kept Rolex on the top. Rolex Cellini watches are among the best and most beautiful collections from Rolex. It is time to find yourself a dream watch for every occasion.

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