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The Omega Ploprof Seamaster 600 In-Depth Overview
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The Omega Ploprof Seamaster 600 In-Depth Overview

Omega Ploprof is easily the most recognizable watch among Omega collections. Its official name is the "Seamaster 600," but it is widely recognized as the Omega Ploprof watch for divers. The design is different from the traditional watches, but it serves a purpose for divers. The internal mechanism comes with a beautiful design to resist water and offer accurate timekeeping without any obstacles.

What Does the Omega Ploprof Offer?

So, what exactly does the Omega Ploprof offer to the wearers? One of the best features of this watch is that it can stay underwater for a long time. It offers a one-piece case and a secure crown to maximize its water resistance. It served as one of the best diving instruments of its era. However, it was costly, and there was a limited market for this watch.

The Unusual Case Design

This watch comes with an unusual case that offers 55mm in width and 48mm in height. Therefore, it is a significantly larger watch compared to other options in the market. The reason behind this height is that it helps the bezel and dial stay in a singular place without any issues.

This is also a pretty heavy watch, and it feels heavier around your wrist. The case offers well-integrated parts with polished faceted edges. Moreover, the case is made of titanium and ceramic for maximum durability and water resistance. This watch can offer water resistance up to 1200 meters.

The Gorgeous Dial

This is one of the few watches that offer a titanium dial at your fingertips. This dial's surface comes with a finely grained glittery substance that allows for maximum legibility in a dark environment, such as underwater. Moreover, the hands and markers are coated with a white super luminova material. This further enhances the legibility against the dark background of the dial.

The dial came in a stunning turquoise color that looks great with the overall theme of the watch. The minute hand and the green triangle in between the bezel are coated in green color. This way, divers can quickly read minutes without having to go through any issues.

Powerful Movement

Omega Ploprof uses an in-house movement, the powerful caliber 8500 automatic co-axial escapement movement. It offers a power reserve of up to 60 hours, and it is ranked among the original modern Omega movement. It offers the traditional three-hand automatic winding mechanism. The minute hand is independent of other controls, and you can use it to set the date as well.

Colorful Watch Straps

Omega Ploprof offers four different straps:

  • A White Rubber Strap
  • And Orange Rubber Strap
  • A Black Rubber Strap
  • A Milanese Metal Shark Proof Bracelet

Each of these straps offers exceptional aesthetic value at your disposal. However, the metallic bracelet is the most durable one on the list. One of the best things about this metallic mesh strap is that it does not pull your hair. Moreover, you can also remove the different links from this bracelet and quickly adjust it according to your wrist size.

What Do We Have To Say?

Omega Seamaster Ploprof is for the hardcore enthusiasts of this fantastic series. It offers all the tremendous diving perks at your fingertips and still offers a great aesthetic value. The movement is quite powerful, and this is a beast to wrap around your wrist. If you already have an Omega Seamaster Ploprof around your wrist and want to pair it with the right watch strap, DaLuca Straps is here for you.

You can find everything at DaLuca Straps, from leather military watch straps to nylon watch straps. Moreover, you can also enjoy durable custom-made watch straps for Omega Seamaster 600. The final choice is up to you.

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