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The Many Reasons to Love Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

The Many Reasons to Love Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

There are thousands of different types of watch straps on the market today. Regardless of your preferences, you can head online and find something you love in ten minutes or less in varying styles, colors, and materials. This is great for people that love having options, but can also lead to feeling a bit overwhelmed. To make things easier, here are the many reasons to love a Shell Cordovan watch strap.

Shell Cordovan is a unique, high-end type of leather that is primarily exported from Cordoba, Spain. The production is much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive than other types of leather, which means that the quality is one of the best available. Thanks to the origin of the leather, the material is extremely durable, exceptionally soft, and emits a beauty that's difficult to compete with.

Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Strap On A Rolex Submariner Side

After doing some research on companies, it’s easy to see why Shell Cordovan watch straps are a best seller at DaLuca Straps. Each individual strap is 100% handmade and always uses genuine pieces of Horween Shell Cordovan leather. Since each strap is handmade, they’re always unique and sometimes even come with a beautiful stamping on the back. The authenticity used to create these straps is one of the reasons why they have such a loyal customer base.

DaLuca Straps offers two different styles of Shell Cordovan leather watch straps: military and one-piece military. The primary difference between these two styles is how they’re worn, so which option to choose really depends on personal preference. The military style has an extra strap that slides under the face of the watch while the one-piece doesn’t. However, either style will gracefully compliment any watch.

Horween Shell Cordovan Color 8 Watch Strap On A Rolex Submariner Wrist

One of our favorite reasons to shop DaLuca Straps is because of the customization options, sizes, and available colors. They have a wide variety to fit every personality and each color is offered in both military and military one-piece styles. You can customize the stitching on the strap with your preference of either cream, black, light-medium brown, white, or maroon. The stitching is offered in full stitching, which goes all the way down the strap and back up or top stitching, which is three different points stitched across only the top. Finally, choose whether you want the ARD thumbnail buckle to have a brushed or polished finish to finalize the look of your new watch strap.

Horween Shell Cordovan Marbled Hide

Although Shell Cordovan watch straps are more expensive than say, nylon straps, the quality makes it a worthwhile investment. Plus, the durability of Shell Cordovan leather is exceptional and incomparable, meaning that your watch strap will last for years without losing its beauty. Since the pores on the leather are so small, the strap is water resistant—but not impenetrable. Avoid showering or swimming with your Shell Cordovan watch strap to increase its lifespan.

Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Strap On A Rolex Submariner

If you’re on the market for a new watch strap, look no further than the Shell Cordovan watch straps from DaLuca Straps. If you have any questions, their customer service team is an excellent resource and will help you find exactly what you need.

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