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The Best Watch Straps of 2019

The Best Watch Straps of 2019

If wristwatch accessories make you jump in joy, then a time connoisseur like yourself would be happy to learn more about the top watch straps 2019 has to offer. From varying sizes to beautiful shapes to enticing designs; we have got it all covered.

What Are the Top Watch Straps 2019 Has to Offer?

As a time connoisseur, you shouldn’t be afraid to announce your style and personality to the world with premium quality watch straps. Combining your beautiful chronograph with modish and stylish straps can boost its personality and enhance the feel around your wrist.

Some people opt for comfortable leather watch straps for comfort. However, those who love accessorizing their timepieces often go for custom watch straps to enhance their watches. Let’s take a look at the top watch straps for this year.

Shark Mesh Straps for Durability

When vintage era designs meet the modern stainless steel, it creates a beautiful combination called “Shark mesh Strap.”

The steel straps have been around for over a century now, however, the new shark mesh straps offer a thicker and sturdier feel around your wrist. The average width of these straps can go up to 4mm. Inspired by the strong mesh suits worn by divers, the stainless steel straps are built for durability under duress.

You can see this strap with popular watches, such as Breitling Superocean Heritage and Omega Ploprof. It is available in a wide variety of colors including, but not limited to, matte black, silver, rose gold and yellow gold.

Vintage Style Straps for Elegance

Nothing can beat the simple elegance of good old days. Vintage watch straps never go out of style even decades after their debut.

You can wear the different bracelets offered by Rolex, or you can invest in vintage watch straps created from the modern and durable material. At the end of the day, your watch will be bold and have a personality of its own.

vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap by daluca straps

Rally Straps for Performance

We have all had a perforated watch strap at one time or another. Rally watch straps were inspired by the leather racing gloves with knuckle holes worn by race car drivers. The same concept is applied to the straps, and these straps come with either three huge holes on the strap or multiple smaller holes across the strap.

These straps offer maximum performance and are considered to be flexible for different wrist sizes. The rally watch straps provide maximum breath ability and reduce the amount of sweat around the wrist.

Rubber Watch Straps for Flexibility

With the advancement in the field of technology, human lives have become fast-paced and more active than before. We are constantly running from one thing to another. In this modern fast-paced world, you need the perfect watch strap companion for endurance.

The Rubber watch straps are created from waterproof silicone which is durable, long lasting and offers high endurance throughout its life cycle. The durable and sporty strap comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can transform you dial and give it a sporty and youthful look with a rubber watch strap.

rubber fkm watch bands

What Do We Have to Say?

Whether you own a Rolex, Omega flagship watch or Seiko you can pair them with the latest watch straps. The modern watch straps are designed to go along in a symphonic harmony with all the watches. It is up to you to decide and get the best watch straps for your timepiece.

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