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The Best Apple Watch Bands For The Summer

The Best Apple Watch Bands For The Summer

There are a lot of technological crazes that come and go, but one that’s definitely here to stay is the Apple Watch. Apple has taken watches to a next level by integrating phone services, notification alerts, sports and sleep tracking, and more into a tiny piece of technology that fits snuggly on your wrist. People who don’t have them sometimes make fun of avid wearers, but if you own an Apple Watch you understand the appeal. Once you put it on, you don’t want to take it off—even during the hot summer months. Luckily, you don’t have to. All you need to do is find the best Apple Watch bands for the summer and you’ll be able to enjoy the tiny computer attached to your wrist all year round.

People’s styles vary. It’s inevitable. While there are certain “looks” that fall into similar categories, everybody embodies a unique fashion style that represents who they are. Rather than compromising that in the summer, find what works for you and run with it—especially with watch bands for your Apple Watch.

Let’s take a look at some of the various options of bands that can be worn during the summer, regardless of your personal fashion statement.

Leather Apple Watch Bands

Leather is a great accessory, but it can get dirty and worn down easily when you’re constantly sweating. We’re not saying ditch the leather bands, but consider saving them for while you’re at work, out for a nice dinner, or in air conditioned buildings during summer. This will help you avoid having to wash the smell out every night and it will prolong their lifespan.

Perlon Apple Watch Bands

Perlon is a great material to opt for on a daily basis during summer months. Not only are there stylish aesthetic options, they’re functional and breathable—two sought out qualities that help combat a heat wave. Perlon straps don’t leave your wrist feeling hot and heavy because they’re lightweight and quite airy, which is perfect for the summer.

Nylon Apple Watch Bands

Similarly, nylon watch straps offer you an option that will keep up with your summer activities well. The durability and breathability of nylon means that they’ll be able to withstand anything. Plus, since they’re easy to clean and change, you can stay cool while still switching up your accessories. The only downside is that nylon can become quite heavy when it’s wet, so make sure you let it dry completely after each wash and before wearing it again.

Rubber Apple Watch Bands

Finally, we have rubber watch straps. Don’t immediately start thinking that these are tacky and uncomfortable; rubber has come a long way in the accessory world. The benefits here are the obvious water (and sweat) resistant qualities. They’re easy to clean and you can find them in a lot of different color options. Worst case scenario, grab a rubber watch strap to have as a spare for when you’re working out or traveling in very humid areas.

Regardless of which Apple watch band you choose to wear this summer, DaLuca Straps can help. We have a wide variety of straps made out of every material in thousands of colors and patterns. Head over to our website today to browse our selection and get ready for summer!

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