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The Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE Watch Review

The Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE Watch Review

Apple smartwatches are among the most sought after smartwatches in the industry. If you thought that Apple was done offering the best of modern era advancements at your fingertips, you are wrong.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, Apple has released yet another smartwatch by the name of Apple Watch Series 6. Apple announced the release of two different Apple watch models via a virtual keynote event; Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. Let's explore these in detail and see what these bring to the table. We recommend our 22mm leather watch straps and 24mm leather watch straps, since any of them can be fitted with an apple watch adapter and used on the Apple watch.

What Does the Apple Watch Series 6 And Apple Watch SE Offer?

As we all know, Apple smartwatches serve as a personal portal to a wide array of fitness tools and necessities. The built-in applications help you stay in touch with your health metrics as well as your important notifications from your smartphone. Apple has released two brand new smartwatches this year with a captivating watchOS 7.

Apple Watch

Apple's Stunning Watch Design

The basic look for the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE is the same as its predecessors. These watches come with an edge-to-edge screen and a digital crown, just like the previous Apple smartwatches.

However, there are new colorways and material options for the fans. You will find an updated version of the previously adored gold-finished stainless steel case. You will also get to see a new graphite grey steel case. Among the options is a blue aluminum case and a red aluminum case. Therefore, you can enjoy new case materials and color schemes with Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

Another important change in this series is that the brand new cases are lightweight. If you have always thought that Apple smartwatches were a little heavier than other smartwatches in the industry, the Apple Watch Series 6 is here to fix that.

The Brand-New Watch Sensor for Blood Oxygen Levels

Another important update is the new sensor array on the back of this smartwatch. This time around, you will see a set of red and infrared lights on the case back of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE.

How do these help? These sensors will help measure your blood oxygen levels without any issues. This way, you can stay in touch with your oxygen levels and take a break from exercising when it's time. Moreover, this sensor automatically keeps collecting your blood oxygen level measurements to inform you in case of an oncoming crisis.

What Are the New Watch Straps for Apple Watch Series 6 And Apple Watch SE?

If you have always wanted more Apple watch straps for Apple Watch Series, you will see a massive improvement this time around. You will see two new strap options; the solo loop and the braided solo loop.

These amazing designs come without any clasps or buckles. Therefore, these are elastic, and anyone can wear these without any issues. These straps are made from liquid silicone and 100% recycled yarn with liquid silicone, respectively. You can stretch these as far as you want, and these will fit any wrist size. If you own any version of an Apple watch, we highly recommend our Small 38mm/40mm Apple watch straps and Large 42mm/44mm Apple watch straps.

Apple Watch Dial

What Do We Have to Say?

If you already have an Apple smartwatch around your wrist, and you want to find the best Apple Watch straps for yourself, DaLuca Straps is for you. You can find custom made watch straps, tested for maximum durability and performance. Take a look through tons of different options and choose the best nylon Apple watch straps for your adventures.

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