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Size, Does It Matter? Panerai Thinks So!

Size, Does It Matter? Panerai Thinks So!

Watches come in thousands of varieties including different styles and sizes. However, size has always been a hot issue of debate and somewhat faces quite a dilemma. Do I choose a small size with an inherent subtle look or go large, wearing it outside of the shirt and grabbing as much attention as possible, like a monkey desperately reaching for bananas in a tree?

Why does size matter? It is precisely what we are here to discuss. Now, we all know every individual wants a timepiece that looks great on the wrist, matches his taste but is also easy to view and tell time with. It can be said that there are no wrong watch sizes, but there are indeed, sizes that look more elegant and give your presence more prominence.

A watch must be able to suit different environments, such as diving in the afternoon and sitting in a dining chair at night, your timepiece must give the right type of presence. This is what Panerai watches do best. Panerai watches are a blend of Italian design, Swiss technology, and passion for the sea. Panerai watches offer large sizes, superior technology with quality straps, leather or others that make you stand out in the crowd. Although Panerai is in love with the sea, their styles are designed to enhance your presence in all environments, all the time and this is one of the reasons why we love them. Another important factor is to be able to tell time underwater while diving. They have an excellent lume and with their larger than normal size they are easy to read underwater and tell the time with.

panerai 005 on a daluca straps nylon watch band

Why size matters?

Panerai thinks size matters for a multitude of reasons. First is the obvious, they have a manly and rugged look that a larger size watch provides which enhances the brooding look of a male. A watch should take up no more than three-quarters of your wrist; otherwise, it may look too large. If the watch extends past the wrist then it can be deemed by many as being too large for that person’s wrist. Panerai watches are thoughtfully designed where the different size faces extend to the edge of the wrist but do not extend past the edge of your wrist, creating a perfect style and convenient use that suits just about every man. They do have the occasional design that is much larger which was an intended look.

One element is style and taste. Today’s standards in men’s dressing are more accepting of larger watches compared to the past where smaller watches were the normality. A larger watch is more suitable for sports, executive styling, and is acceptable for dressier looks. Therefore, Panerai watches are made in larger but elegant sizes that cater to all these needs. One great example is when you are at work, someone asks you the time, you can just raise your wrist, and they can see, not only the time but the prominent piece that makes you noticeable, due to its size. The larger diameter is the “face” of your timepiece and the main feature that people look at.

Today's sophisticated features are another reason to look for large watches such as a complete calendar, GMT timing, running seconds, stopwatches and more. With larger diameters, it becomes easier to benefit from these features by looking less crammed and overcrowded. This is precisely what Panerai’s exquisite craftsmanship promises, large and elegant sizes that let you control all of these features and more.

One essential element as to why Panerai watches support larger sizes is the brand’s passion for adventure. Whether you are diving, camping, driving or climbing, larger sizes not only look more masculine but offer the convenience of use that an adventure demands. With Panerai watches, not only will you be able to easily tell time whether its seconds or minutes but also use and set time more conveniently than a smaller sized watch which is not as easy to see or set the time with. All Panerai watches are made with that in mind and offer case sizes from 40mm and up that can accommodate aftermarket Shell Cordovan Straps or Ammo Pouch Straps that provide quality and strength to handle all your adventures, not to mention looking great whilst having fun!

With Panerai watches, whether it's an executive environment, an elegant dinner or a diving adventure, your Panerai watch will be sure to be the right companion for whatever size or model you choose.

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