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Shell Cordovan Watch Strap: Luxury And A Touch Of Vintage

Shell Cordovan Watch Strap: Luxury And A Touch Of Vintage

Everybody has a different style. Some people enjoy luxury items while others head for antique stores and thrift shops, forever seeking the perfect vintage charm. This is applied to clothes, pieces of furniture, and even simple accessories such as watch straps. For those looking to add a little bit of both to their wardrobe, the Shell Cordovan watch strap is the perfect place to turn.

What makes the Shell Cordovan watch strap so great?

Well, first of all, it’s one of the highest quality leathers available and undergoes an extensive production process that begins in Córdoba, Spain. It is derived from the underside of horses and creates final products that are durable, yet soft and luxurious, yet vintage. It’s a product that’s tough to compare to.

horween shell cordovan hide

The genuine Horween Shell Cordovan leather that’s featured at DaLuca Straps uses herbal substances to tan each piece of leather over a period of four months. This produces an end result that gives you a vintage look with a high quality product that will last you for years. If taken care of properly, your Shell Cordovan watch strap can easily last a lifetime. Some people even say that it ages like a fine wine—that it gets better with age.

The vintage elegance that’s accompanied with each individually made Shell Cordovan watch strap is unbeatable. Each strap is unique and embodies a certain charm without sacrificing quality. This is the perfect option for those looking for a mix of luxury with a touch of vintage.

After you’ve purchased your Shell Cordovan leather watch strap, there are a number of fashion combinations you can choose from. Thanks to the strap’s versatility, it pairs well with any outfit, but really compliments elegant, retro inspired clothing. If you’re having a less formal day, don’t assume that you’ll need to change your strap. In fact, make it a point to keep it on. The Shell Cordovan watch strap add a beautiful accent to less formal outfits and compliments jeans exceptionally.

horween shell cordovan watch strap

Unlike other types of leather, this watch strap can be worn with your entire wardrobe, including a simple t-shirt. The only thing to remember is that if you’re pairing it with other leather pieces, try to aim for pieces with the same colored leather and similar glosses.

DaLuca Strap’s Shell Cordovan watch straps are each 100% handmade from genuine Horween Shell Cordovan leather. Because of this, you will always receive a unique watch strap—sometimes one that includes beautiful natural stamping on the back. If you’re ready to purchase a watch strap that gives you the luxury you want with an added hint of vintage charm, head over to DaLuca Straps today and browse our selection of Horween Shell Cordovan watch straps. We have a wide variety of Shell Cordovan watch straps, each of which comes with a variety of customizable options to meet all of your needs. During your search, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

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