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Seiko 5 Sports Watch Line Review

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Line Review

A Brief History Of Seiko Watches

Seiko initially introduced the Seiko 5 series in 1963. Seiko created this line-up to deliver value-driven everyday watches ready for sport along with an excellent entry point to the Seiko line-up. For all the serious Seiko watch collectors, we recommend our 18mm leather watch straps, 20mm leather watch straps, 22mm leather watch straps24mm leather watch straps and 26mm leather watch straps.

The “5” in the series name stands from something. The “5” indicates five amazing qualities that any Seiko 5 watch should offer to the wearers. These qualities include:

  • Automatic winding

  • Easy-to-read day and date display

  • Excellent Water resistance

  • A protected/recessed crown

  • A powerful and sturdy case and bracelet

Seiko 5 Sports Watch

The Modern Re-invention Of Seiko Watches

Seiko revealed a full re-vamp of the much-loved Seiko 5 line up last year. The Seiko 5 had long been a pillar in the core of Seiko’s enthusiast-focused collections, an entry-level favorite and definitely a 101 class in mechanical watch ownership.

However, nothing lasts forever. Seiko finished the lifecycle of all older versions by unveiling the latest Seiko 5 and opened a new chapter in the amazing line of the Seiko 5.

The modern Seiko 5 sports watch series offers around 27 different variations and models for the wearers. All of these 27 watches have a:

  • 42.5mm steel case (13.4mm thick and 46mm lug to lug)

  • A display case back

  • Water resistance up to 100 meters

  • A non-screw down crown (Passive crown)

  • 22 mm lugs

  • Seiko 4R36 movement

  • A Hardlex crystal dome

Seiko 5 Sports Watch

The Modern Seiko Watch Dial

The very first change that you may notice immediately is the new “5” logo. It is considered controversial but is certainly an improvement on the old “5” logo.

Moreover, Seiko decided to etch the word “Automatic” onto the dial. It looks very sharp and stylized but also signals that now aesthetics will rule the day.

The simple Seiko emblem now features sleek raised metallic symbols, while the functional red dive ranking of 200M dive is no longer present on the dial.

Seiko painted the hour markers in silver color. This is a discreet gesture that has an immense influence on the overall look of the watch. Some of the other color schemes of blacked-out dials and PVD-coated cases are aesthetically pleasing and look fantastic.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch

The Re-Invented Seiko Watch Case

Like we already mentioned, the case size is still the same as the previous watches. However, there are subtle changes that an avid Seiko fan will immediately notice.

The 42 mm case is the same as the old SKX, but the finish stands out among the competitors. The polished portions are brighter than before, and the seams are sharper than the previous models.

The caseback shows the upgraded Japanese-made 4R36movement. The lugs are now drilled to make the strap changes easier. True to reputation, you can almost read a book with the lume on a moonless night as it glows visibly even in the shade on a sunny day.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch

The Changes Of The Seiko 5 Watch

Yes. There are many new changes and improvements in the new series, but Seiko also decided to eliminate a few things for the re-invention. Here is a list of elements that Seiko eliminated from the new series:

  • The SKX’s screw-down crown

  • Lume pip on the bezel

  • The stainless steel screw-down caseback

  • The ISO 6324 rating

  • The 200M water resistance rating on the dial

Seiko 5 Sports Watch

What Do We Have to Say?

If you loved the previous Seiko 5 watch line, you would surely adore the new one as well. The new watches may not feel rugged, but they look fantastic and offer more functions than before and increased durability.

So, if you want to find the perfect watch strap for your Seiko watch, head over to DaLuca Straps. From single piece watch straps to nylon watch straps, every strap is of the highest quality and is durable.

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