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Rolex Yachtmaster Watch Review

Rolex Yachtmaster Watch Review

The Rolex Yachtmaster was originally introduced in 1992 with the reference number 16628. It featured 18kt yellow gold with a white dial and the Rolex 3135 movement. The Yacht-Master, like all Rolex watches, concentrated on power and durability, thus having a triple-lock cap and resisting water up to 100 meters (330 meters).

The watch was originally designed to resemble the Rolex Submariner. The Rolex Yacht-Master is a luxurious cousin to the Rolex Submariner. For those who wanted to go on an underwater dive, the Submariner was the watch, while the Yacht-Master was the perfect watch for the man wanting to enjoy his day on a yacht or at the club house. Before you go further, be sure to check out our Rolex Datejust 36 watch straps, Rolex Daytona watch straps, Rolex Explorer watch straps, Rolex Explorer 2 watch straps, Rolex GMT-Master II watch straps and Rolex Submariner watch straps.

The Beginning (1992)

The Rolex Yachtmaster is among the youngest collections from Rolex. It was introduced in 1992 with the reference number 16628. The reference number 16628 was a full 18kt gold wrist watch with white dial with Rolex caliber 3135 movement. The dial size was 40mm in diameter.

While it was fitted with a triplock crown, the first design of the Yachtmaster was only resistant to water up to 100 meters. The watch was not designed for ultimate diving, but it was a rather luxurious take on the Rolex Submariner. It was for a casual day on the yacht.


Rolex introduced two new versions in 1994. The ref. 68628 had a dial size of 35mm and ref. 69628 came with a dial size of 29mm. these versions were available in gold, white and blue dial. The larger version introduced in 1992 is also referred to as the “Yacht-Master Jumbo” due to its huge dial size. The smaller 1994 version Yacht-Master watches have Rolex caliber 2135 ticking inside.

Rolex Yachtmaster Watch blue dial


During Basel in 1999, Rolex launched a steel / platinum (Rolesium) variant of its Yacht-Master line. The 40 mm version was called 16622 and the intermediate (ref. 168622 with 35 mm dial size) and lady (ref.169622 with 29 mm dial size) variants were immediately launched as well.


Rolex began to enhance the structure over the next few years and into the 2000s. Aesthetically, some Yacht-Master versions pushed the boundaries of luxury, adding a beautiful mother of pearl dial. The watches were also introduced in two-tone metal versions, mixing steel and gold.

The new YachtMaster was dubbed as Yacht-Master rolesor. The Yachmaster Rolesor was introduced as the reference number 16623, and is available in a few gorgeous dial combinations.

The bezel on all formats is either gold or platinum. There is no inlay, strong silver or silver covers the entire revolving bezel scheme.

What Do We Have to Say?

The Rolex Yachmaster is a luxury sports watch, and is also among the youngest inventions of Rolex. Most watch enthusiasts prefer the tool watches, such as Submariner or Daytona for their activities. However, the Yachmaster is popular among the fans as an accessory.

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