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Rolex GMT-Master II 18K Gold with Green Dial 116718 Review

Rolex GMT-Master II 18K Gold with Green Dial 116718 Review

The ref. 116718LN, made of sturdy 18k yellow gold, features the green dial anniversary and a black bezel for a stunning mix of colors. The ceramic bezel insert took center stage among many of the new features introduced on the 116718LN.

History of the GMT-Master?

First released in 1955 as a specially designed watch for pilots to keep track of dual time zones while on the job, over six decades later, the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II continue to grow in popularity. Rolex introduced the updated GMT-Master II 116718LN in 2005 on the occasion of the Rolex GMT-Master's 50th anniversary and it is still part of the brand's current collection.

What Does the Watch Offer?

The super-resistant material, branded as "Cerachrom" by Rolex, is impervious to scratching and fading, thereby offering the maximum durability level of the popular sports watch from Rolex. The bidirectional rotatable bezel is labelled with 24 hours which enables the user to keep track of three separate time zones when navigating the world, along with the main hour and minute hands and arrow tipped GMT-hand.

Something unique to this GMT-Master II over its predecessors was the so-called "Maxi dial," pointing to the wider lume plots, offering the watch a sleeker and revised feel. The broad luminescent accented gold-hour indicators and gold hands pair harmoniously with the dial's Rolex green shade in the sun. The Rolex GMT-Master II 18K Gold with Green Dial 116718 produces a blue glow in the night that can last up to eight hours. In addition, the name Rolex is repeatedly engraved on the rehaut–the inner bezel ring–as an anti-counterfeit measure.

While the GMT-Master II 116718LN keeps its 40 mm case length, due to its redesign, it actually wears wider on the wrist. The layout of the Oyster case is squarer than before. However, the lugs are wider, giving a more masculine look and visible presence to the timepiece.

The specific restyling addresses a suggestion that the company had not kept up with the current theme for bigger watches with the smaller 40 mm Rolex sports watches. The Triplock triple waterproofing feature on the screw-down crown replacing the previous Twinlock device is another improvement found on the watch. This feature offers water resistance up to 330 feet.

In an effort to make luxury watches supremely comfortable, Rolex also sought to improve the small details. The GMT-Master II 116718LN includes the upgraded Oyster bracelet with center polished ties and the Rolex Easylink network. This not only makes for an extremely attractive watch bracelet, but also offers the wearer the opportunity to lengthen the bracelet up to 5 mm to find the perfect match for their wrist.

What Do We Have to Say?

Buying a Rolex GMT-Master II 18K Gold with Green Dial 116718 is like purchasing a ticket to high-class society. It boasts of elegance and performance at the same time, and makes you the life of any party. However, many customers want more, and this is where DaLuca Straps steps in.

If you also want to upgrade your Rolex GMT-Master II 18K Gold with Green Dial and pair it with an elegant and eye-catching watch strap, DaLuca Straps is the place for you. You can get the most beautiful, gorgeous and powerful watch strap for your Rolex. Daluca Straps offers:

So, hurry up and find the perfect watch strap for your new Rolex GMT-Master II. Show the world the excellence that the Rolex carries, and become the talk of the party.

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