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Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 126710 Watch Review

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 126710 Watch Review

Baselworld 2018 came with a lot of exciting surprises, and the 'Pepsi' GMT-Master II in 'Oystersteel' was one of them. For the very first time, Rolex introduced a two-toned red and blue Cerachrom bezel watch named "Pepsi". As with a great new watch release upgrading the watch straps for any of your Rolex watches becomes mandatory, so we highly recommend our Rolex Datejust 36 watch straps, Rolex Daytona watch straps, Rolex Explorer watch straps, Rolex Explorer 2 watch straps, Rolex GMT-Master II watch straps and Rolex Submariner watch straps.

A Brief History

The original Rolex GMT-Master-II Ref. 6542 was released in 1954 at the request of PAN American Airways. The authorities wanted a watch with dual time zones for pilots making transatlantic flights crossing several time zones.

The engineers at Rolex came up with a brilliant idea of adding a fourth hand whose pointer makes one full revolution every 24 hours. This second hand showed the second time zone on a rotating bezel. The upper part of the bezel was blue, whereas the lower part of the bezel was a bright red.

The watch community quickly made the connection and nicknamed the blue and red bezel as “Pepsi." Other modles from Rolex were also nicknamed as "Coke" and "Root Beer" based on their bezel colors.

The Modern Iteration

Rolex has been revising their Pepsi watch over the years, but in Baselworld 2018, Rolex released a gorgeous modern iteration which quickly gained extreme popularity among the watch community. Let’s take a look.

The Case

The bi-color ceramic and stainless-steel case is 40mm in diameter and made from Oystersteel (Rolex’s patented 904L steel). The lugs and the overall Oyster case were redesigned for a modern appearance. The case also comes with a sleek finish for a cleaner and more polished look.

The case is also waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters. The bezel is still bi-directional for dual time zones. It still offers the unique capabilities of 24 distinct clicks per revolution.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 126710 Watch

The Bracelet

The previous models of Pepsi came with the traditional 3 link Oyster bracelet. However, Rolex has now paired GMT-Master II Pepsi with its famous and robust 5 link Jubilee bracelet in Oystersteel.

The outer links for this bracelet offer a brushed finishing. The inner 3 links are polished to give a rugged contrasting texture to the bracelet. Overall, it pairs harmoniously with the sleeker look of the new dial.

The Inner Movement

Rolex introduced a brand-new powerful movement by the name of C. 3285 for the GMT-Master II Pepsi. This caliber is protected by 10 different patents and has a power reserve of 70 hours. The previous versions only offered 50 hours of power reserve.

A modified Swiss lever escapement serves as the new Chronergy escapement for this caliber. Here are some other improvements offered by the new caliber:

  • Thinner and Slimmer Escapement Parts
  • A lighter Pallet Fork
  • Smaller Pallet Stones
  • Slimmer Escape Wheel

The new design tweaks not only improve the overall performance of the caliber but also reduce the weight of the escapement technology. This movement is certified by COSC. It also comes with the Rolex Chronometer Certification and is regulated to +2/-2 seconds a day after initial casing.

The Price

The retail price is $9,250USD.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 126710 Watch

What Do We Have to Say?

The watch community is already enthralled and captivated by this watch. Ever since the first teaser videos were released, chatter sprung up everywhere, and everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the modern Pepsi revival.

The watch lovers’ community was not disappointed when the watch was unveiled at the event. It immediately gathered fame and popularity among the audience, and everyone wanted to purchase this stunning timepiece.

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