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Rolex Daytona Its Large and In Charge

Rolex Daytona Its Large and In Charge

Its been a hundred years, that Rolex has been serving men of every genre, from explorers to achievers all over the world. A Rolex has been to the highest mountain as well as to the deepest ocean. It has touched the skies and the bottom of the ocean alike. In modern day you will see a Rolex in the hand of the most powerful people in the world, at events like golf, sailing, tennis, water sports and other tournaments, a Rolex is the sign of prestige and power.

The Rolex Daytona comes with the tag line “A watch born to race” and the it justifies the line to every character. The watch was introduced to public in 1963 officially. It was specifically designed to carter the needs of a driver. The driver can measure his speed up to 400 km per hour with the aid of the reliable chronograph / bezel with tachymetric scale. Rolex Daytona is the perfect merge of class and iconic brand with highly practical functions. Its not just show, its all work too.

Rolex Watch Bands is a world of choices:

The Rolex Daytona comes with a variety of choices, and not just any mundane choices like color and design. You can actually make your own watch as per your choosing by opting from the following options:


- Oystersteel

- Oystersteel and gold

- Yellow Gold

- Pink Gold

- White Gold

- Platinum


- Metallic Bezel

- Cerachrom Bezel


- Light Dial

- Colored Dial

- Dark Dial


- Arabic Hour Marker

- Classic Hour Marker

- Gem-set Hour Marker

Paul Newman’s Daytona, the most influential watch:

When it comes to Rolex Daytona the name “Paul Newman” immediately comes to mind. Back in time Paul Newman was the most notable movie star of all times. And at the auction accommodated at New York headquarters, 57th and Park Avenue for the Winning Icons auction. He became the king of watches when his Signature Paul Newman (1968 Rolex Daytona), was sold at the brilliant price of $17,752,500 including buyer’s Premium.The bidding lasted up to 12 minutes, the highest bidder got hold of the watch over telephone, this watch seized the record of the highest priced watch ever sold at an auction. Philip’s is the most noted and famous auctioneer, who has sold the most famous and priced watches that includes “The Bao Dai Rolex sold for over $5 million and $11 million for a Patek Philippe ref.” If anyone can sell a high brand and one of a kind watch it’s, without any doubt, “Philips”.

The Paul Newman Daytona has been considered a holy grail for the watch owners and makers as well. It was a loved gift from his wife Joanna. She inscribed three words at the back of the watch “DRIVE, CAREFULLY, ME”. The watch is said to be the greatest watch on the planet.

Why is Daytona called the Paul Newman?

The Daytona was is officially called the Paul Newman in the 80’s because the actor was rarely seen without it. The dial is art deco, whimsical and there are around 20,000 to 30,000 watches in the world. Yes, it’s that rare. This specific watch was given to James Cox, by Paul Newman ins 1988, and he sold the watch in 2017 at the Philips auction for 17.5 million dollars, half of which will go to the fund for areas of education, animal welfare and human services among others, keeping alive the philanthropy work of Paul Newman.

Rolex Dayton isn't just a watch, it’s a legacy. The most sought-after watch by every influential person on the planet. If you end up finding yourself with one of these on your wrist, make sure to consider swapping out the heavy, clunky bracelet for a super comfy handmade shell cordovan watch strap.

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