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Panerai Watches: A Comparison of Different Styles

Panerai Watches: A Comparison of Different Styles

The History of Panerai Watches

Giovani Panerai made his debut in a little watch shop in Florence, Italy in 1860. Soon, he took the world by a storm and his shop turned into a bustling workshop within the next few years. Not only that, but Panerai also opened Florence’s first horological training center.

In 1916, Panerai made history by securing the patent for the world’s first radium-based glowing paint called Radiomir. Giovani Panerai went on to innovate the watch industry step by step. Here are some key innovations from Panerai:

    - Perspex crystal (1936)

    - Luminous Sandwich Dials (1938)

    - Integrated Lugs with Spring Bars (1940)

    - 8-day power reserve to reduce wear on crown seals (1940)

    - Tritium-based Lume Luminor (1949)

    - Lever-activated Crown Lock (1950)

    The civilian collection in 1993 caught the interest of the actor, Sylvester Stallone. With his endorsement, the corporation reached a global audience. The firm was later acquired by Vendome Group (later the Richemont Group) in 1997 and the entire production was moved to Switzerland. This was the beginning of the luxury sport watch company that Panerai has transformed into today.

    The Different Styles Offered by Panerai

    The basic signature designs offered by the company are Radiomir and the Luminor. However, the core categories were later divided into several collections.

      - Radiomir

      - Radiomir 1940

      - Luminor

      - Luminor 1950

      - Luminor Due

      The basic difference between the main categories is the shape, however, it is more complex than that. Radiomir and Luminor series differ in their shape, but the core difference lies within each category. Let’s see the differences between these watches.

      The Difference Between Radiomir and Radiomir 1940

      The original Radiomir boasts an oversized flared winding crown. This was the original design for the Radiomir series. The series originally eliminated the traditional crown guards and wire style lugs. This was enough to set the Panerai watches apart.

      However, the younger and the sleeker Radiomir 1940 offers a broader shape with a flatter winding crown.It transformed the entire look from being oversized to a neat broader style. Moreover, it came without crown guards and thicker fixed lugs.

      The watches from the Radiomir series come in sizes from 42mm to 47mm. The Radiomir series comes in a steel based case material. The brown dial comes with the signature luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. The price for this series is between $7,600 and $18,100.

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      The Difference Between the Luminor Series

      On the other hand, the Luminor series comes with a beautiful bridge-like crown guard protecting the winding crown which is operated by a lever. The Luminor series also uses the patented glowing material and offers a delightful companion for the wearer. Furthermore, it comes with an innovative lever mechanism to operate the dial.

      The original Luminor watches comes with shorter lugs and a simple crown guard. However, the Luminor 1950 offers a broader surface area underneath the main bezel area and the crown guard. It also offers longer lugs for easy accessibility, and it comes with engravings on the crown guard. The engravings enrich the overall look of the watch and set it apart from the competition.

      handmade vintage swiss ammo pouch watch band on a panerai 372

      The Luminor due is the latest edition to the series. It broadcasts a thinner case and a simple crown guard without any engravings. It is also extremely comfortable to wear.

      While the Luminor series is water resistant up to 100 meters, the youngest edition, Luminor Due, only offers water resistance up to 30 meters. The price for this series is between $6,000 and $21,100.

      Daluca Straps is one step ahead of the market, and offers comfortable, sleek and modish watch straps for your Luminor watches. Whether you want to wear shell cordovan, leather, FKM rubber or nylon on your wrist, we have got it covered. We even have the infamous vintage ammo pouch watch straps that are the PERFECT fit on every single Panerai watch ever made!

      What Do We Have to Say?

      Panerai watches may appear the same to an untrained eye, but in the horological world, Panerai watches stand out due to their trademark lume and crown guards.

      If you are a first-time buyer, you should know that all the Panerai watches can be identified by their shape and case. The Radiomir series has curved and rounded edges, whereas The Luminor series comes with a crown protector. Furthermore, the Luminor series comes with a lever operated crown guard.

      If you already have your dream Panerai watch, and you are looking for the perfect custom watch strap for special occasions or day-to-day use, then DaLuca Straps is the perfect answer for you. We offer a wide variety of material, finishing, stitching, color and look to choose from. If you are looking for a strap, then Daluca Straps can help you find the perfect companion for your Panerai.

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