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Panerai Watch Reviews – Panerai 233

Panerai Watch Reviews – Panerai 233

The Panerai 233 watch is such an amazing watch. From the moment you lock eyes, you fall into a deep love that may last a lifetime. The case itself is beautifully crafted from brushed steel and retains the original look of what the vintage Panerai watches looked like from the 1950s and 1960s. It has the trademarked lever on the right side to keep water out of your watch, so you can keep rocking this watch for many years with no issues. The gorgeous crystal of the Panerai 233 is domed and really adds to the overall look of the watch. Since you know about the outside, you may be wondering about the inside of the Panerai 233. One of the amazing features of this specific watch is that the movement was created in-house by Panerai, instead of being sourced from somewhere else and put into the Panerai case. Many of the base models by Panerai have a non in-house movement, so that alone makes this watch worth more, while retaining the value better. The point of this review is more non-technical, so I am not going to bore you with those details, but rather give you a sense of what its like to actually own this watch and wear it. Since we have talked about the outside and inside, there are still a few features to touch on. One major feature over the older models and lower ones is the quick release on the back. You simply take the black tool that spilts into 2 pieces and poke one end into the quick release and the other end at the end of the bar which keeps the strap on, to simply slide it out. This allows you to change your Panerai Watch Strap out in a matter of seconds. While the front crystal is simply stunning, the back side is just as gorgeous, if not more. To stare at the movement for 5 minutes is simply not enough! Brew a cup of tea and be prepared to look at the back of this watch for an hour. With its 3 barrel design and gorgeous detail, you will want to admire your new watch for quite some time. To finish things off, the Panerai 233 comes with a truly 1 of a kind Panerai watch strap. The name known by most people who are obsessed with Panerai is the “Tunnel” strap. It has 2 valleys and a peak in the center with a beautiful calf skin outside. The Panerai 233 watch retails for $14,700 and can be found at your local Panerai AD. I highly recommend this watch, as I personally own one and absolutely cannot get enough of this. Once you own this watch, be sure to put a vintage Panerai strap on it, to make yourself stand out in the crowd.


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