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Panerai Luminor 1950 (PAM 321) Watch Review

Panerai Luminor 1950 (PAM 321) Watch Review

Watch collectors are a special breed brought together by a wonderfully practical and stylish gadget. Officine Panerai (the world famous watchmakers from Italy) have long provided rabid watch-collector types with a constant flow of only the most quality watches.

All Panerai watches typically have a large, bold cushion case, a simple dial with highly visible font and all Panerais are capable with a high variety of different watch straps.

The case of the PAM 321 has a 1950 case (aka the case is formed from a solitary piece of stainless steel) and its crown is protected by Panerai’s unique watertight sealing device. This is a trademark of Panerai’s watches and has been trademarked by the company since the 1960’s.

As mentioned, the 321 is a rather large watch at 44mm with a height of 19mm. This typically means it is best worn on a larger wrist, but that shouldn’t keep those with less than that from enjoying such Panerai quality.

One of the greatest strengths of any Panerai watch (and the Luminor specifically) is that day or night, rain or shine the watch is always easily visible. This is mostly due to another of Panerai’s trademarks, the use of luminesce in the hour marks on their watches. This has been a long standing factor in Panerai’s esteem and provides flawless time telling whatever the hour.

The watch itself is not meant for diving, but its waterproof mechanism allows you to wear the 321 to the beach, pool or any number of other places without risk of damaging your new timepiece.

One of the perks of Panerai’s watch designs is that they are created to allow for the quick change of straps. The watch itself ships with an alligator strap, but in a few quick seconds you can modify the entire presentation of your time piece by using the included tools to change your strap. For most Panerai collectors this is one of the prime perks of the brand. Purchasing Panerai official bands or other third party straps open up a new dimension for watch collectors.

The 321 is the embodiment of a legacy that has endured for over a century. It is a watch that can be worn to any occasion (its ability to swap straps at will contributes to this) and effortlessly exudes an aura of quality, confidence and versatility. The large face size acts as a bold statement and announces the watch as a proud member of the Panerai family.

A stunning appearance matched alongside versatility and quality make the PAM 321 a perfect watch for any serious watch collector.

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