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Panerai Gets a New Boutique in Paris

Panerai Gets a New Boutique in Paris

Officine Panerai has been absolutely blowing up as of late. If you haven’t been following our blog, we have had a few different boutique AND exhibitions opening worldwide dedicated to our beloved watchmaking idol known as Panerai.

A Chinese mall is hosting an exhibit dedicated to Officine Panerai’s unique dials and Harrods in the UK has just wrapped a weeklong exhibit showcasing some of Panerai’s most historically important, unique and rare watch designs that were all on loan from generous and esteemed collectors from around the globe.

We’re still drooling over here stateside at the prospect of some historical revisits or exquisite boutique openings… But if you live in Paris, you yourself have something special in store.

Officine Panerai has decided to unveil another boutique, this time in Paris. Nothing new, right? WRONG. This boutique has been exclusively designed and developed by the Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola may not be a name you’re familiar with, and I wasn’t until I did some old fashioned detective (AKA: Google) work. Patricia is a highly regarded Spanish designer and architect born in 1961 in Oviedo, Spain. She has won countless awards from sources all over the world, had dozens of her own showings in museums and has designed and decorated just as many if not more offices, hotels and other buildings. Basically, she’s hot stuff. She is THE female titan (titaness I suppose?) of Spanish design and she walks where she wants and on what she wants.

This new Panerai boutique is to be located at #5 on the famed Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, with an area of 100 square meters. This specialty boutique is going to offer displays covering the entire legacy of Officine Panerai, and will hold emphasis on some of the more rare and sought after special editions that Florentine brand has produced in its storied existence.

Miss Patricia has reinterpreted the aesthetic and design of Panerai’s image and worked it into a timeless design that is incorporated into the entire boutique. Elegant glass work, marble, bronze and wood all help compose a starkly refined and uncluttered space for customers and fans to get a good clear gander at any of a number of Panerai’s beloved pieces. Modernity and tradition collide effortlessly in a union expressing nothing less than absolute quality and confidence.

This new boutique should be absolutely gorgeous, and rumor has it that soon Florence, Hong Kong, Miami and NYC will be receiving boutiques like this of their own in the near future… Time will only tell. Dont forget that once you get a Panerai you need to then get some Panerai straps to swap out on 

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