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Panerai Forum – Top 5 Panerai Forums

Panerai Forum – Top 5 Panerai Forums

While you may be new to the Panerai brand of watches or a seasoned veteran, it is always fun to learn about new resources for the watch brand that you so dearly love. We have narrowed down all of our favorite Panerai Forums to a list of our top 6. Each forum has their specific reason for existence, some range from the hardcore history of Panerai to photo galleries of the most hard to find Panerai models. Users range from beginners to seasoned collectors with over 100 watches in their collection. Here is our list of the top 6 Panerai Forums:

1. – The unofficial resource for Officine Panerai

– They have an amazing watch strap makers list, a public forum where many major Panerai owners regularily post, a great accessories area where you can buy/sell your used Panerai good and a dealers corner where you can find some amazing Panerai watches. All of this, along with some articles on the history of Panerai and Panerai watches in certain movies make it the #1 spot on our list.

2. Time Zone – Officine Panerai Forum

– They have an amazing amount of traffic on their site while also having a solid section solely dedicated to Panerai owners and collectors. They also have a greatsales corner and too many sections to cover in this small write up. I just recommend that you head on over to their site to see what all the Panerai buzz is about.

3. The Panerai Forum – Watch Talk Forums: Panerai Forum

– This forum was definitely not one that I have visited up until recently. But the amount of content and visitors here is quite a bit. There is a great sales corner and a nice Wanted To Buy (WTB) section for finding that specific Panerai watch you are looking for.

4. Panerai Source – Complete Panerai watch resource site

– This website is absolutely amazing as far as the amount of data on Panerai watches. It has detailed explanations on the different models of Panerai ranging from the Historic models to Contemporary, to Ferrari and Specialty models. My favorite section is the Aftermarket Straps section where you can find all of the aftermarket Panerai strap makers.

5. Via Paneristi – ViaPaneristi Watch and Strap Talk and Trading Forums for Panerai Watches

– This site has an awesome forum area where you can discuss the different models of Panerai and anything watch related. Their Panerai Watch Trading Section is great for purchasing a Panerai and the accessories section is great for finding that perfect strap.

Click here for a complete list of Panerai resources.

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