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Panerai PAM983 Submersible Watch Review
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Panerai PAM983 Submersible Watch Review

Panerai unveiled a lot of masterpieces at the SIHH 2019, and the Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Special Edition PAM983 is easily among the best. The black DLC titanium case and the gorgeous bezel with a blue and black dial are the highlights of this watch. However, this is not all.

For 15 lucky buyers, Panerai is offering a unique and epic experience with free-diver Guillaume Néry. These buyers will have the opportunity to dive into the depths of the ocean, and also enjoy this fantastic watch at the same time.

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What Does The Panerai Submersible PAM 983 Offer?

panerai submerisble pam983 watch

The Panerai DLC Titanium Case

Panerai decided to replace the traditional stainless steel case with a breathtaking black DLC titanium case. The PAM983 Submersible Chrono features a DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) polished 47 mm Titanium case, which looks great and is very light for it's large size.

Moreover, the case comes with a black finish that is more prone to shocks and scratches than the traditional stainless steel case. Overall, the case is durable and presents a rugged and sporty black feel.

The Magnificent Panerai Submerisble Dial

The aspect that sticks out immediately on the PAM 983 is the impressive black and blue dial. This color scheme is perfectly readable in all environments.

Panerai decided to replace the shark gray color for the hand markers and decided to opt for a striking white color scheme for the indicators. The white markers stand out immediately on a uniquely textured black and turquoise blue backdrop.

The blue on this dial is almost like an aqua color that immediately screams out an ocean theme. The way the color of the dial gradients from a turquoise blue to the black of the outer edges is brilliant. It offers the impression that you are plunging into the depths of the ocean as the textured dial.

At 9 o’clock place, you have a white sub second hand. Whereas, at 3 o’clock, a turquoise blue hand marks the hour counter for the chronograph. The hour marker is turquoise blue, which makes it look amazing against the dark background.

panerai submerisble pam983 watch dial

The Unique Panerai Experience

How many other watch manufacturers offer a unique diving experience to their customers? Panerai is the only one. For 15 lucky buyers of this special edition watch, Panerai is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience of diving with the world-famous free-diver Guillaume Néry.

This diving experience will take place at the water of Moorea near French Polynesia, where Néry set his personal record of 126 meters and is currently living. The beautiful timepiece comes with a beautiful experience.

Other Panerai Bells and Whistles

The watch features a complete chronograph mechanism driven an in-house P.9100 movement with a 3-day power reserve.

On top of the sapphire crystal, there is a ceramic bezel that maintains track of the diving period. Moreover, it has a little dot index with a blue lume that complements the minute hand’s blue lume while all the other indexes shine with the classic green lume.

What Do We Have to Say?

The world of chronometers is advancing with every passing minute. Panerai dedicates its resources to offering the best watches, and PAM 983 is a ticking example. The watch enthusiasts from across the world loved the PAM 983 and wanted to buy one for themselves. However, since this is a special edition watch, only a lucky few had this opportunity.

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