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Panerai 977 Watch Review

Panerai 977 Watch Review

Panerai initially introduced most of their watches with the almost standard black dial, linking it to the military history giving wearers an almost stealth-like look that paired extremely well with most outfits, from casual to formal. With the rebirth of Panerai in the 1990s, the company started to sell more consumer-oriented timepieces of black, blue, white, sometimes green, and even charcoal-gray dials; but nothing radically special.

Recently, Panerai introduced the PAM977 with a silver brushed head which was a first for the company. It took a moment for the audiences to get used to the dial's beauty, which is designed with a distinctive brushed finish consisting of vertical stripes.

Once you've conquered the initial shock, you can see how well the watch's overall color scheme works. In order to see how distinctly the effect a dial has on the watch, we will need to dive deeper and take a look at the PAM977 to see for ourselves.

What Does the Watch Offer?

The Dial

The silver-colored dial with a polished finish is what's truly special and unique about this watch. Using such a dial color is always difficult, as it comes down to the color of the hands if there is enough contrast to interpret the time.

In this situation, Panerai made sure that there is enough contrast between the hands, the added hour markers and the silver colored button. The small seconds hand is a happy blue color which offers a refreshing contrast against the mostly monotone silver dial. Overall, the PAM977 has a clean and shiny appearance that you may love or hate, when viewed with the bracelet.

The use of added hour markers loaded with super-luminova on the dial is quite uncommon for Panerai, as they mainly use the more traditional "sandwich button". Here, this alternative provides higher night and underwater visibility and retains enough contrast with the silver face to enable the user to read the time properly in most circumstances. The only real display of color provided by the watch is with the small blue seconds hand as mentioned earlier.

Case and The Movement

The case and cuff interact well with the light, with textures that are both brushed and polished. Panerai produces and manufactures the self-winding caliber P.9010 in Neuchatel. This powerful inner movement is used in the brand-new Panerai PAM977 watch. This movement boasts a 72-hour power reserve, which is a good amount of reserve power.

You can drool, stare and witness, in awe, all of the beauty that Panerai put forth through the back of the see through sapphire crystal case back. A double balancing bridge provides better stability, and a hacking feature which is also essential for the travel. The P.9010 caliber is perfectly crafted and worth looking through the prism of the sapphire, at any occasion. Winding and setting is done through the proprietary crown guard which is always fun to release.


You will find a pusher on the back of the case for an easy release of the bracelet. This allows for an easier management and control of the bracelet size. Another beautiful feature of this timepiece is it's stainless-steel band, which admirably combines with the silver dial, completing the timepiece's monochromatic feel, but in a lovely way. The bracelet is constructed of stainless steel AISI 316L, an alloy that is highly corrosion resistant.

What Do We Have to Say?

You will absolutely love the comfort of the bracelet and the versatility of the watch that allows it to pair perfectly with all of your outfits. With summer approaching quickly, a timepiece carrying an iconic design from a respected watchmaking house is a great way to re-brand yourself.

If you're among the lucky people who have purchase this premium luxury watch and you're hunting for the best sanctuary for the ultimate watch straps, DaLuca Straps is right for you.

DaLuca offers watch bands for all Panerai watches, regardless of the model. Not only do their watch bands fit well with a Panerai, they even improve the watch's overall look. DaLuca Straps is your answer if you're looking for a military leather watch strap or a custom made handmade watch strap. Get the best watch straps for your Panerai today.

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