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Panerai 663 Luminor Watch Review

Panerai 663 Luminor Watch Review


Panerai watches were one of the first and the finest watches made to be used underwater. The journey of watchmaking started for Panerai when they were asked by the Italian navy to manufacture watches that could operate underwater. The reason the Italian navy asked Panerai is that they were the leading underwater instruments and gauge manufacturers in Italy at that time.

Panerai didn't make watches for the general public until the 1930s and that too was in minimal numbers. The demand for Panerai watches skyrocketed when it was worn in the original James Bond movie in the 1990s, and since then, it is loved by millions all around the world.

Special Features of Panerai Watches

Panerai watches are special because of their history. The watches are loved due to their classic, minimalist, bold, yet strong character.

The watches, due to their huge size and simple design, appear to be a symbol of confidence, humbleness, and authority. Although simple and somewhat boring to some, wearing a Panerai helps you make a bold statement of achievement and settlement.

All Panerai watches share the simple, rugged, and bold style but is different due to some distinct features. Panerai watches have their unique model numbers that follow PAM. PAM is a name for Panerai watches.

Panerai PAM 663

The Panerai PAM 663 is special, as there were only 1000 PAM663s made. This model, like any other Panerai is an epitome of simplicity, class, and character. This watch is for those who want to make a strong statement about their character.


Panerai PAM 663 is encased in a 47 mm AISI 316L polished steel, sandwich case. The case is more rectangular at the bottom and round at the top.

The specialty of AISI 316L steel is that it is hypoallergenic and resists extreme environmental conditions making it resistant to corrosion and ideal for watches such as this. It's bezel is made of polished steel, and the back is made of a gorgeous see-through sapphire crystal. The case is designed to be water resistant up to 10 bars. Lastly, the crown is on the right side, and is protected by the legendary Panerai crown guard that opens up that much like a custom gate would to allow the used to enter into it's soul....well maybe not that, but at least to set the time!

Dial and hands

Panerai PAM 663 has a plain brown dial that looks simple yet attractive. There are four big Arabic numerals and 8-hour markers that make it easy to read the time. The watch has hours and minutes hands that beautifully glow in the dark.


The watch has a hand-wound mechanical movement, which builds a connection between the watch and the owner. P.3000 caliber, entirely made in house by Panerai, which is 5.3mm thick and has 161 components in total.Twenty-one jewels are used in this watch. The watch has a 72 power reserve once fully wound.


You can change the strap whenever you want, but the standard strap for the Panerai 663 is a dark brown Calf Ponte Vecchio strap with beige thread stitching.

What Do We Have to Say?

The Panerai PAM series is a symbol of excellence, class, and accomplishments. Everyone longs to wear a Panerai around their wrists. Moreover, the PAM series is loved and cherished among the watch lovers’ community. It is time you join the race and get yourself a dream Panerai PAM.

PAM 663 is among the top watches produced by the company. It is simple yet elegant. It comes in amazing straps, but if you are looking for new places to buy amazing watch straps for your PAM 663, DaLuca Straps is the answer.

DaLuca Straps offers a wide variety of watch straps that pair perfectly with your Panerai. Here are some of the available options:

The website offers everything that a watch lover could want or dream of. From leather care items to handmade watch straps, we offer it all. The choice is up to you.

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