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Leather Belts: The Gentleman’s Guide

Leather Belts: The Gentleman’s Guide

Belts are a necessity for almost all attires. From the casual outfit for Friday to the formal wear for Monday, belts are a must for all gentlemen.

Apart from their functionality, belts are also considered to be a fashion statement and finishing piece to any look. It offers a contrast between the midsection and the lower body and enhances the overall look of the attire.

However, you can’t just choose any belt you want. You need to find a belt that compliments you and your outfit simultaneously. Here are some tips to find the perfect belt for everyday use.

How to Choose the Perfect Belt?

The Perfect Length

Belts are usually measured in inches or centimeters. Sometimes, belts are measures in waist sizes (30, 32, 34, etc.). When buying a belt, you need to ensure that the length not only fits you but allows room for adjustment.

Using the last hole on your belt looks informal and untidy. Moreover, having too much extra belt sticking out is also viewed as shoddy and shabby dressing sense. To correctly size the belt it needs to be two sizes larger than your actual waist size. Another great method for properly measuring the correct belt size is to take the belt you currently use and measure from the end of the fold over (buckle side) to the actual hole you have been using. This should give you the actual belt size to purchase.

handmade lizard belt on a waist

Get The Best Material

Belts are made from a wide variety of materials. However, leather belts take the lead by a huge margin. Every classy outfit you own will pair perfectly with a well-crafted leather belt.

Leather belts are classic, irreplaceable and a must own for your wardrobe. A leather belt is the hallmark of success, formal wear, and class. Leather belts add grace to your formal wear and make you stand out.

If you want to try out some of the more casual materials, cotton and polyester belts are also considered to be equivalent of a leather belt. Cotton and polyester belts are better for casual wear and can be worn with denim, etc.

If you still want something unique, you should try handmade belts. Handmade belts and products are a class apart. DaLuca Straps offers handmade belts in the following materials:

- Lizard Belt

- Crocodile Belt

- Alligator Belt

We collect the best hides from around the world and transform them into some of the finest products for our customers.

A Matching Buckle

A buckle is what holds the belt together. Every belt must have a buckle. Nowadays, flash belt buckles are considered to be eye-catching and gorgeous. However, a gentleman should avoid flash wardrobe accessories.

Try on some natural colored and robust buckles to go along with your leather belt. If you still want to go for flash buckles, make sure that they don’t break when the belt is tightened. Some buckles give up under duress.

How Many Types of Leather Belts Are Available?

Well, there are only two types of leather belts in the market: Formal and casual. Other materials and finishes offer more options, but leather belts mainly offer formal and casual.

Formal Wear

Almost every single one of us has had a formal leather belt in our wardrobe for years now. We try to wear it with every piece of attire we have. Whether it’s a formal dress or a casual outfit, we use that one belt with everything.

These belts are almost always black, brown, or tan, and made with leather. The pattern on the top is always subtle and not flashy in any way.

The basic purpose of these belts is to bring finishing touches that bring your whole outfit together. More than a fashion statement, these belts are worn for functionality.

handmade in the usa crocodile belt

Casual Wear

These belts are added to the attire as a fashion statement and style element. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, patterns, and buckles for these belts.

You can feel free to mix things up and incorporate one with pretty much any ensemble, except, of course, your formal attire.

handmade black leather belt held up by hand

What Do We Have to Say?

Belts are for all occasions. Whether you are attending a business meeting, a wedding ceremony or a funeral; a belt is always the perfect companion to elegantly carry yourself. Additionally, belts can dress up an outfit while still keeping it casual and approachable enough for a night out.

When choosing a belt, don’t be hasty. The leather belt is going to be your companion for a long time. Choose wisely. Try different sizes, shapes, and material for yourself. If you want to purchase a quality leather belt online, you can visit DaLuca Straps for the best leather belts in the market.

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