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Kazimon 1500 Watch Review

Kazimon 1500 Watch Review

There is a new brand of watches which you may or may not have heard about, that is called Kazimon. Brand owner Kazim Kenzo is the brainchild behind this high quality, limited production brand. He has come up with some amazing new watch designs and has executed them with perfection. Each watch is made in ultra limited quantities, with the utmost attention to detail. For instance their new “Kazimon 1500″ model watch had only 99 pieces crafted in stainless and 15 pieces in bronze. I was lucky enough to get one of the 99 watches (see our pictures below), which is a gorgeous example of their German made quality. 100% of the parts are made and sourced within Germany and the prices are quite low for the quality. You simply cannot find a watch in this price bracket with the same quality. Kazim is not running his brand for profit alone, but for the passion and love he has for watches. Their website states “The goal of our company is simple: to provide the highest quality watches possible without compromise to durability, function, accuracy or style…” After owning such a quality piece, it is easy to see how his passion has come through to the end product. While our particular watch is made from stainless steel, they also offer an even more limited bronze version, which is very rare and hard to find. Bronze watches are known for their gorgeous aging properties that help them gain a dark chocolate color over time. Many collectors will have a few bronze watches in their collections to change to when steel, gold or rose gold get boring. Each case is designed by Kazim to fit a Swiss ETA movement that is reliable and perfect for the case’s design . The rest of the parts (as previously mentioned) are sourced and manufactured within Germany. The watch is also made to withstand up to 1500 meters of water pressure, so this may interest the serious divers out there.

Apart from the absolute amazing quality of the watch, you receive a bright orange watch case that is perfect for storing your new Kazimon 1500 watch, 2 straps (1 being a red nylon NATO strap and the other being a brown or black leather strap) which perfectly compliment the watch. There is a 1 year warranty on the watch’s movement, so you need not worry about the watch breaking down on you after 8 or 9 months of use. I was lucky enough to receive a Kazimon key chain apart from the watch and accessories that come with it. The only other accessory I was lucky enough to receive was the case back tool that allows you to take apart the rear part of the watch’s case. This is about a $130USD value and is something I highly recommend you purchase when buying a Kazimon watch. Enough of my talk, take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself!

Kazimon 1500 Watch SS

Kazimon 1500 Watch

Kazimon 1500 Side Angle

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