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How To Travel with Watches?
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How To Travel with Watches?

When most individuals travel, they give little to no thought on watches or traveling with part or all of their watch collection. They may carry no watch or maybe up to two watches if they need a rugged daily watch and a more formal watch for a special elegant business dinner. On the other hand, those who are fascinated with horology have a much harder time since we want to bring our watches with us, while traveling. Therefore, we have produced a list of the best tips for traveling with your watches in the modern day and age.

Top Tips for Traveling with Watches

We all have a favorite piece we like to take with us when traveling, but depending on the type of trip or destination, that can sway what watches to bring or to even bring a watch at all. We are here to provide suggestions on how to keep your timepieces secure while you are traveling, whether it's a prized heirloom or a present from a spouse, we got you covered. Here are some ideas for safely taking your favorite watches with you on the road.

Choose Your Favorite Watches

All great journeys begin with a vision. So, you need to devise a plan and decide which watches to take on the road with you. Some timepieces, such as GMTs, were created to assist travelers in navigating multiple time zones. These are ideal for work and travel, while some are extremely durable and waterproof enough to be used as dive watches or adventure watches. For something like this you may want to bring a Rolex Submariner or Seiko dive watch.

However, you must consider the sorts of activities and situations your vacation may entail. Other elements might influence what you wear such as the space or how many layers of cuff your watch needs to fit under. Also, the weather and environment play a large role in which watches you should bring. So, choose your set of watches carefully, as choosing the wrong one can have major consequences. One last thought is the safety of the city or areas you are planning to visit. Some cities are known to be dangerous for watch collectors and this should not be taken lightly especially over the past few years with the soaring prices of certain brands such as Rolex or Patek Phillippe.

Update Your Insurance Policy

You don’t want your watches to face any tragic accidents during the trip. However, if the inevitable does happen, you want to be ready for everything. This includes insurance for your favorite timepieces. Make sure your watch insurance coverage is up to date and covers the most relevant values for the timepieces you'll be taking with you on your trip.

To safeguard your favorite timepieces, you have two possibilities. The first is travel insurance, which covers various difficulties such as sickness and theft. While this service is beneficial, it may not be enough for watch owners. The reason for this is that these insurances typically contain coverage limitations. The second option is jewelry insurance, which is available from most major carriers and is likely a better choice for those of you who own higher value timepieces.

Buy A Watch Travel Case or Watch Roll

Trying to figure out how to keep your watches safe during traveling is one of the most unexpectedly tough aspects of collecting timepieces. There are several lovely cases available for exhibition at home. However, many of them are too large and bulky to transport.

Invest in a leather watch travel case rather than risk scratches by having your watches in your luggage. Always carry on your watches, never check them in! As a result, this leather watch case will keep your belongings safe and compact while also being fun to open, close, and pack. Traveling with watches essentially necessitates the use of a roll or travel case.

The Bottom Line

If you have already gotten your favorite watches ready for your trip, it is time to find the right watch strap for your watch. DaLuca Straps is here for you. You can find your favorite watch straps at DaLuca Straps that will last for years. You will only find high-quality options at DaLuca Straps.

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