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How Leather and Shell Cordovan Straps Beautify Your Watch?

How Leather and Shell Cordovan Straps Beautify Your Watch?

Watches are one of the very few accessories which are stylish yet functional. Watches are preferred to be worn in every corner of the world as they have maintained their functionality and have become a fashionable decoration as well.

How Do Wrist Watches Announce Fashion?

It seems like watches are never going to be out of style no matter what. Watches tend to be the most essential material piece in our daily lives and they not only help us be punctual but also makes us look fashionable.

When thinking about luxuries and accessories, wrist watches stand out to be the most important gear for men and women alike. When it comes to perfect dressing, watches complete the outfits with a crisp touch. The topic of watches opens up a whole new dimension of class and luxury.

There are different types of wrist watches including digital and analog. There are different brands to choose from and different eccentric styles that vary from price to style.

Are Classic Watches Out-of-Style?

Technology surely has developed a lot, and things have digitized. One might think that the era of classic watches is now overdue to multi functional digital watches but that's not the case. Classic watches are a symbol of class, experience, style, and elegance.

brown chromexcel watch band on a panerai 233 with cigar and snap wallet

What Makes Leather Straps Special?

Watches with leather straps go well with formal dressing and help maintain a professional look. They are the right choice when attending an event that really matters to you. The choice of the strap isn't only limited to the looks as it determines much more than that.

A person’s personality is predicted by what he or she opts to wear, especially in the case of wrist watches. Moreover, the straps of the watch have to do a lot more in this aspect than we think. It is said that a man wearing a leather strapped watch is a man who knows exactly what he wants and is willing to work for it.

handmade watch bands by daluca straps

Leather straps explain what you stand for in your life. Leather straps need more care and maintenance when compared to metallic chains and that’s why they clearly show how delicate a person is, how much attention he pays to the details and how he values and takes care of what he loves.

Why Shell Cordovan Straps Are Perfect?

Created from the hide from hindquarters of the horse, there are many benefits and qualities that differentiate the shell cordovan leather from the usual leather, such as its fineness, exceptionally high quality, and the feel it provides to the wearer when used in shoes or the straps of the watches.

Shell cordovan, is the type of leather that ranks among the most expensive and finest of leather materials available. This kind of leather is used in some of the most expensive products that include shoes and watch straps. Shell Cordovan is defined by its unparalleled quality.

The price ranges certainly clarify the value of shell cordovan leather. The high price is due to the different processes that go into creating Shell Cordovan leather.

horween shell cordovan single piece strap on a panerai 233 watch

How Can You Buy Amazing Watch Straps?

DaLuca Straps are among the best choice for watch strap sellers when it comes to the wrist watches. All the way from stylish looks and all the brands onboard, we provide the best leather straps for watches. On our website, we are proud to offer all the leather and shell cordovan straps related products that you need to add to your wardrobe to highlight your sense of class.

We provide straps of your choice that include shell cordovan leather straps, single piece military straps, custom watch straps and FKM rubber watch straps. All of the above-mentioned products are available for immediate purchase and with the guarantee of standing out from the traditional market straps.

Along with all the straps that are available, the highest selling product is the shell cordovan straps that make all the watches a luxurious accessory.

rolex submariner and handmade leather watch bands

What Do We Have to Say?

Here at the DaLuca factory, we make custom leather and shell cordovan straps for all kinds of watches, such as Apple watch straps for all the classic and modern versions of the Apple watch smartwatch. The list doesn’t end here as we also have Bell and Ross straps, OEM watch straps and much more.

We provide multiple choices and multiple products available not only for men but also for women. DaLuca Straps also provides the best quality shell cordovan watch straps. Every product in our store is of the top quality, class, and style.

handmade leather watch band on an apple watch
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