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History of Florence: Home of Panerai

History of Florence: Home of Panerai

We’ve covered many different aspects of the Officine Panerai legacy on this blog, but one thing we’ve never gotten to really touch on is the city that the brand originated in. Today we change that and explore the history of Italy’s finest city, and the birthplace of Officine Panerai.

Florence is known worldwide as an outstanding economic, cultural, political and artistic center with a legacy of remarkable advancements for mankind to back it up.

Florence was initially founded in 59 BC as a settlement for soldiers who had been granted land by the great Julius Caesar. The small settlement was located in the valley, Arno, and was highly prized for its rich farmland. Originally the settlement was known as Florentia and was style in the way of a militaristic camp. The place exploded as a commercial center shortly after its inception due to its close location to that of Rome.

By the time the 4th century rolled around, Florence found itself under alternating control. One week the Byzantines were running the show, and the next week the Ostrogoths had the city under their commands. This duo battled with one another constantly for control of the city and it was only when the Lombards seized control in the 6th century that peace returned to Florentina.

And peace did reign up until 774 when Charlemagne arrived on the scene and capture the city as his own, adding the prized city to his March of Tuscany. Once again commerce blossomed and the city’s population began to increase.
The middle ages arrived in Florentina and due to a few famous residents the city ushered in its Golden Age of Art. Basilicas emerged all over the city and were crafted with unparalleled artistry and concentration. It’s not shocking when you realize what kind of quality and creative hotbed Officine Panerai eventually emerged from.

Political conflict eventually emerged from amongst the beautiful artwork and prosperity and unfortunately it embroiled the city in all sorts of messy machinations. Political warfare ruled the following centuries but this didn’t hamper all of the positive things going on outside of the realm of conflict.

Florentia slowly rose to prominence as a superpower in Europe. The city’s own gold currency, known as the florin, quickly became the most widely circulated coin in the western hemisphere. The florin replaced the silver dollar easily.

Since Florence is such a historically rich city in its own right, there’s no chance of us being able to get into its history to any great depth in one day, so look forward to Wednesday when we’ll return to the topic and follow the city’s prosperity into the renaissance. Look forward to tomorrow’s new Panerai review and always be sure to check back at our shop page at DaLuca Straps for only the latest and greatest leather products and watch accessories.

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