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Handmade Products: A Class Apart

Handmade Products: A Class Apart

Accessorizing oneself is the best way to broadcast your inner self to the world. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on their wardrobe and accessories, and the fashion industry is a multi billion-dollar industry.

However, generic and traditional accessories don’t just hit the spot. Handmade products enhance every inch, crevice and stitch on the product, and make you the life of the party. While everyone else is wearing the same generic leather product, you can announce yourself with handmade leather products.

Why Handmade leather belts, wallets and watch straps are the best?

While factory-made products also accentuate the overall look of the outfit, handmade products truly complement the outfit and blend perfectly with the overall look that you are going for.

Every stitch is woven into the fabric by experts, and the entire product is given special treatment from inception to the final execution. The craftsmanship, quality and the overall personality of the product is one in a million. A handmade product is utterly unique in its feel and can tie your entire outfit together with ease.

The experts don’t use machines and use tool to handcraft the design onto the fabric of the product. Elegant and functional leather products are created for everyday use with the help of raw tools, hides, and leather.

Handmade leather products are built to last, and can easily withstand the wear and tear of a lifetime. With vegetable tanned cowhide and Chromexcel, the handmade products form the house of DaLuca Straps are considered to be among the best handmade leather products for daily use.

handmade horween dublin leather bi fold wallet

Our handmade products are created while keeping usability and functionality in mind. The finest materials and color palettes go into creating the best handmade products, and the end results are always satisfying.

Handmade products are soft yet resilient. They also do not grease or shed with the change in weather. They are built to last, and they do last. From the artist to the creators, every stage is imbued with perfection and double-checking to eliminate any blemishes or flaws before the product is ready to use.

The factory made products are created in bulk, and offer next-to-nothing in terms of quality check and assurance. Handmade products are double checked at every stage and offer sound quality assurance from material type to durability.

Handmade products are built using the idea of offering unique and unmatched quality products to users. Whether it is a handbag, belt or a wallet, everything handmade will always be unique and sturdy.

Handmade Men Products

From handmade leather belts to handmade wallets, DaLuca Straps offer a wide range of options for men to choose from. Whether you are going for a casual look, or you want to pull off an elegant professional look, the handmade products can easily enhance your personality with premium-quality craftsmanship and originality.

The material for the belts includes high-quality hides from lizard, cow, alligator and other animals. Additionally, you can also opt for shell cordovan leather or Chromexcel leather material.

handmade in the usa horween leather belts

The wallets also come in different colors, finishes, and materials. From a wide variety of options to choose from, you can pick open-ended wallets or closed wallets with straps. From elegant to casual, the house of DaLuca Straps offers it all to men for their wallet needs. Bi-fold, zipped and horizontally strapped wallets are among the highest selling handmade wallets for men. The colors also range from raw khaki to rugged black.

What Do We Say?

Handmade products are aesthetically pleasing, durable and unique. They can be given as a gift or can be worn for everyday use. With great service and craftsmanship, handmade products never go out of style. With the passage of time, they just evolve into vintage items.

So, if you want to treat yourself and buy something unique, gorgeous and long-lasting, then handmade leather products are the perfect solution for you. DaLuca Straps offers a huge list of options to choose from. Be unique with their premium-quality handmade leather products.

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