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Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake SBGA211 Watch Review

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake SBGA211 Watch Review

Grand Seiko introduced the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA011 in 2010, and it became immensely popular among watch collectors. It may just be one of the most iconic timepieces ever produced by Grand Seiko.

This reference is known as "Snowflake" among watch enthusiasts, and it has come a long way in just ten years since its release. Grand Seiko redesigned the watch in 2017 and named it Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA211.

What Does Snowflake SBGA211 Offer?

You may not have heard the term Quartz in the recent past for a watch. This is because the majority of the watches now use electronic parts to power the timepiece or mechanical movements.

However, Grand Seiko decided to stay true to the Quartz technology and created a Spring Drive mechanism in 2004. This mechanism uses mainspring to power the watch and eliminates the need for batteries. Let’s take a look at what Snowflake SBGA211 has to offer.

The Titanium Case

Yes. Unlike other manufacturers, Grand Seiko uses, on occasion, titanium instead of traditional stainless steel to create robust watches. Grand Seiko SBGA211 uses a satin-finished titanium case for a sturdy construction.

Moreover, the titanium is also polished to make the surfaces look shiny and clean at all times. The typical Seiko case offers a diameter of 41mm height of 12.5mm.

Why does Seiko use titanium instead of stainless steel material? Well, titanium is not only 30 percent lighter than steel, but also offers a higher resistance against corrosion, shocks, and scratches.

In addition to this, titanium is also better for those who have allergies against other materials. The watch weighs around 100 grams as opposed to the competitors, which often weigh north of 150 grams.

The demarcation lines around the case are visible in all environments at all times. Grand Seiko uses the Zaratsu technique to polish the sides of the titanium case and the bezel to enhance the overall shine of the watch. This technique also ensures a distortion-free mirror finish so that the readability is at maximum in any situation.

The case comes with integrated lugs, which means that there are continuous lines from one lug to the next. Grand Seiko also decided to integrate a recessed crown into the watch for more stability.

The Snowflake Dial

Let’s talk about the Snowflake dial. Why is it known as the Snowflake dial? This is because the color scheme chosen for the dial resembles freshly fallen snow. This not only looks elegant, but is also easy on the eyes, and depicts elegance at its finest.

The hand markers portray ultimate precision, and there are no fancy bells and whistles on the dial. It is simple. It is elegant. It is superb. It is a Grand Seiko classic!

How does Grand Seiko achieve this design? Well, the pattern is first stamped onto the blank dial, and then masterful designers add extra translucent layers to highlight the texture. Grand Seiko placed the iconic power reserve indicator between the seven and eight o’clock.

The Bracelet

What is the material used for the bracelet? Titanium. Grand Seiko uses titanium to create the case as well as the bracelet to offer maximum endurance and performance to the audiences. The links are made of satin-finished titanium surfaces and come with polished accents. Again, this bracelet is lighter as compared to other bracelets, and is also scratch-resistant.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for something elegant, classic, and not too fancy, Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake SBGA211 is perfect for you. It is simple and still gorgeous enough for all occasions.

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