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Dive Deep: Complete Guide To The Watches of 007 James Bond

Dive Deep: Complete Guide To The Watches of 007 James Bond

James Bond needs no introduction. He is the most iconic and stylish character in the history of the silver screen.

Bond is famous not only for just his films but also his iconic taste in style and fashion. His class apart and extraordinary fashion sense present the most iconic styles of all time.

From his graceful and decent clothes to his outstandingly fine cars to his extremely classy wristwatches, he is said to be a man with the most perfect and iconic taste.

Bond and his watches have always been a treat for the eyes of the audience. His style has always been in the news.

He has used different watches over time but they are always some of the finest brands of watches available!

Dr. No. (1962)


- Gruen Precision 510

- Rolex Submariner Ref 6538

The novels by Fleming had only one specific brand of watch and that was Rolex. This was not surprising as it was seen that Fleming also used to wear a Rolex (Rolex Explorer).

In 1962 James Bond first appeared on the screen. He wore a Rolex Submariner Ref 6538 throughout most of the film, except in the beginning of the film during the casino scene when he wore a Gruen Precision 510. The Rolex Submariner really seemed to suit him the best throughout most of the earlier films and this was where we saw him present this icon combination to the world.

From Russia With Love (1963)


- Rolex Submariner Ref 6538

FRWL is where James Bond introduces us to the 'regimental' multi colored nylon military watch strap that was later dubbed the goldfinger watch strap.

Goldfinger (1964)


- Rolex Submariner Ref 6538

This sequel of the movie retained its legacy of Rolex. Bond is seen wearing a Rolex Submariner Ref 6538 in this part as well. This time the beauty of the submariner was embellished with the iconic Goldfinger military style strap.

This strap on the submariner was made up of a rather ill-fitting fabric. The beauty and impressive glance of this watch was too much that it is still known as one of the greatest watches of all time.

Rolex and James bond share a deep connection as it was the first watch worn by the iconic spy star. A lot of people still remember Rolex from James Bond. This movie came out in 1964, so it is that much more impressive that this watch is still such an icon after 55 years and counting.

Thunderball (1965)


- Rolex Submariner Ref 6538

- Breitling Top Time Ref 2002 (water proof case and geiger counter were added)

This film was the 4th and last time that James Bond would wear a Rolex Submariner Ref 6538 and the 1st and last time he would wear a Breitling on screen.

You Only Live Twice (1967)


UNKNOWN (1st of 2 films that no watches are visibly shown on screen)

There is speculation of what James Bond might have been wearing, perhaps the same Gruen Precision 510 watch as seen in Dr No? Nobody knows for certain so all we can do is speculate on this topic.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)


- Rolex Submariner Ref 5513

- Rolex Chronograph Ref 6328

This would be the first and last time that James Bond would wear a Rolex Chronograph. Also the first time he would wear a Rolex Submariner Ref 5513.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)


- UNKNOWN (2nd of 2 films that no watches are visibly shown on screen)

Again, all we can do is speculate on what we could have possibly been wearing. Many people think it was the Dr No watch, the Gruen Precision 510.

Live And Let Die (1973)


- Hamilton Pulsar P2

- Rolex Submariner Ref 5513

James Bond's Sub in this movie had 2 modifications done to it: It had the bezel act as a circular saw when it rotated and it was a magnetic field generator. 

The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)


- Rolex Submariner Ref 5513

This would be the last time that James Bond would sport, on screen, in the 70s, a Rolex branded watch by wearing the incredibly iconic Rolex Submariner Ref 5513. Beyond Bond wearing this watch as a watch, it had no special mods or functions for the duration of the movie, sadly.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


-Seiko Ref 0674 LC

This watch was modded to have a ticker tape that sent him messages as seen in the beginning of the film.

Moonraker (1979)


- Seiko M354 Memory Calendar

This watch was one of the first smart watches of its time and was cutting edge for that period. While it is not as iconic as his Rolex Submariner Ref 5513 it definitely continues the theme of being right there at edge of what is new and what is hot.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)


- Seiko Ref H357 Duo-Display

Octopussy (1983)


- Seiko Ref G757 Sports 100

- Seiko Ref T1001-5019

A View To A Kill (1985)


- Seiko Ref SPR007 7A28-7020

- Seiko Ref H558-500 SPW001

- Seiko Ref 6923-8080 SPD094

The Living Daylights (1987)


- TAG Heuer Ref 980.031

License To Kill (1989)


- Rolex Ref 16610

This time it would truly be the last that James bond would wear a Rolex branded watch in the franchise. Only time will tell if this stays true, but at this point we do not plan to see another Rolex on James Bond's wrist, sadly.

Goldeneye (1995)


- Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref 2541.80

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)


- Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref 2531.80.00

The World Is Not Enough (1999)


- Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref 2531.80.00

Die Another Day (2002)


- Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref 2531.80.00

Casino Royale (2006)


- Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref 2220.80.00

- Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref 2900.50.91

Quantum Of Solace (2008)


- Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref 2201.50.00

Skyfall (2012)


- Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref

- Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ref

Spectre (2015)


- Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ref

- Omega Seamaster 300 Ref

- Omega Chronograph Ref ST. 101.010 (vintage)


Rolex was and will always be the 'real' Bond watch brand. Its the most iconic, classic looking of the bunch and we would be kidding ourselves if we tried to argue otherwise. This watch oozes style and grace and pairs well with almost any outfit you or an international spy would dare marry with such a watch. 

Sean Connery was also an original (such is Rolex) and that pair, to many, remains the true definition of what Bond is and should be. James Bond is a classic and pairing him with such a classic watch makes great sense for setting the tone of this gargantuan movie franchise. 

The only constant is change and with time comes change, even for such a character as James Bond 007. Later movies would yield pairings with such brands as Seiko, Omega and Breitling.


Throughout the era of the 70s and 80s, the craze for Quartz remained at peak. James Bond kept up with the latest trends of that time. The trend of digital watches moved like a big wave through the industry.

Keeping the latest trends in view Seiko, an international brand of watches known as innovators of digital watches was used. This timepiece added more to the grace of our all-time favorite spy.

This watch changed the history of James Bond and analog watches. The grace of being digital was absolutely appropriate for an undercover spy.

Roger Moore wore different Seiko watches in his movies. A lot of them are still available and are quite expensive.

The Seiko is also unique because it is equipped with a tracking device. Agent 007 is seen using this feature many times in the movie.

This distinctive feature sets a high standard for the watches.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is the most recent watch used by James Bond. It is also known as the “Bond watch”.

Omega and James bond share a deep bond of sponsorship. Watches by Omega are being used in James Bond movies ever since 1995 movie of James Bond known as Goldeneye.

Omega timepieces are classic and have set a high benchmark of class, standard and quality. A beautiful ensemble by Omega is seen in James Bond Skyfall, 2012.

Seamaster by Omega is popular for its resistance against water. Daniel Craig carries these watches to their best. No doubt, he enhances the class of these watches. The watches perfectly fit the man with the role of a spy.

Omega has also designed a special watch for James Bond. This watch is specially designed for James Bond on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of James Bond. The specialty of this watch was that it had ‘007’ inscribed on the dial.

You can use leather watch straps or Shell cordovan watch straps for your Omega watch and beautify the overall feel of the chronograph. If you feel so inclined you can also snag a bond strap for your watch as well.

What Do We Conclude?

Bond watches are a class apart. The dials are designed to exude elegance and class. However, pair them with your favorite watch straps from DaLucaStraps, and these chronographs will only enhance your overall image.

Bond watches can go with vintage straps, leatherstraps or any custom watch strap. Try thinking outside the box and match your watch with the perfect strap.

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