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DaLuca Vintage Swiss Ammo Watch Strap: Simply the Best Strap You Can Buy

DaLuca Vintage Swiss Ammo Watch Strap: Simply the Best Strap You Can Buy

When shopping for a new watch strap, there are a lot of considerations that need to be made: the style that will best compliment your wardrobe, the material, and the small, often unnoticed details that make a watch strap unique. While some people aim for comfort and comfort alone, there is a way to achieve the best of both worlds. That’s where DaLuca Straps’ Vintage Swiss Ammo watch strap comes in.

The Vintage Swiss Ammo watch strap is a strap unlike any other. It’s DaLuca’s most popular watch strap and for good reason. Each individual strap comes with a unique history, handmade attention to detail, and a number of customizable options.

handmade vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap

Let’s first take a look at the history.

Back during World War 1 and World War 2, soldiers in the Swiss Army carried around leather ammunition pouches. Today, these pouches have been transformed into watch straps that carry high sentimental value, especially for history lovers. Since these straps are made from individual ammo pouches, they are completely unique. Some have a brand new look while others are worn. They range from shades of brown starting with a very light orangish tinted brown to a very sophisticated dark brown. You might even get lucky to find a soldier’s initials stamped into the back of the leather. It’s a great piece of history that you can wear daily and hold close to your heart.

The attention to detail is another main reason that this strap is simply the best strap you can buy.

With a wide range of customizable options, it’s easy to find the perfect strap. You can choose your custom color, texture, width, length, type of buckle, stitching type and color, thickness, and number of keepers. Other brands only allow you to customize the width, length, and buckle—and are more expensive than DaLuca Straps’ Vintage Swiss Ammo watch straps. Plus, others are often made from cookie-cutter stamps that aren’t authentic and are mass-produced. The craftsmanship at DaLuca is unbeatable, which is why we pride ourselves in creating handmade straps that will last a lifetime.

handmade vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap

As time passes and you continue to wear your Vintage Swiss Ammo watch strap, you’ll notice that it continually looks better and better. That’s because this leather ages well and with the proper care, is something you can keep using throughout your entire life. To further prolong the span of your watch, and bring out the elegant details in each piece of leather, we recommend regularly using a Venetian cream on it.

handmade vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap

If you’re ready to add a meaningful accessory to your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. DaLuca Straps offers a wide variety of Vintage Swiss Ammo watch straps, all with customizable options that can create thousands of unique combinations. Plus, the leather used is comfortable enough to wear daily around your wrist and needs no added break-in time. Head over to our website today to find your next Vintage Swiss Ammo watch strap.

handmade vintage swiss ammo pouch watch strap
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