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DaLuca Straps: A Unique Selection of Leather Watch Straps
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DaLuca Straps: A Unique Selection of Leather Watch Straps

Leather is the primary ingredient in crafting a top-notch watch strap, and at DaLuca Straps, we understand its importance. We carefully source the best leathers for our collection, and we're excited to take you behind the scenes to explore it. For all serious watch collectors we recommend our 18mm leather watch straps, 20mm leather watch straps, 22mm leather watch straps24mm leather watch straps and 26mm leather watch straps.

Embracing Diversity in Handmade Watch Strap Materials

Variety is key in the world of leather goods, and DaLuca's catalog reflects this diversity. We offer a unique selection of leathers, each chosen for their specific attributes and aesthetics.

The Elegance of Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan Leather

Shell Cordovan is one of our most sought-after leathers. It's derived from the hindquarters of a horse and has a smooth finish, unique patina, and non-creasing characteristics that make it ideal for high-end watch straps. As it ages, it tells its own story. We offer our custom shell cordovan watch bands as well as our 18mm shell cordovan watch straps, 20mm shell cordovan watch straps, 22mm shell cordovan watch straps, 24mm shell cordovan watch straps and 26mm shell cordovan watch straps.

handmade shell cordovan watch bands

The Charm of Vintage Leather Watch Straps

Our vintage leather options are perfect for those who prefer a rustic aesthetic. Sourced from top-quality hides, these leathers retain their natural textures and have unique aging qualities. Over time, they develop a special character and become a true reflection of their wearer. We offer 18mm vintage watch straps, 20mm vintage watch straps, 22mm vintage watch straps24mm vintage watch straps and 26mm vintage watch straps.

A World of Leather Watch Strap Choices

We offer a wide range of leather options, including Horween Chromexcel, calfskin, and suede. Each type has its own texture, appearance, and feel, allowing you to choose a strap that aligns with your style and comfort.

Sourcing Leather and Materials For Watch Bands with Responsibility

At DaLuca, we believe that the journey of the leather is just as vital as the leather itself. We ensure that our materials are responsibly sourced and work closely with suppliers who adhere to ethical practices. Providing the best to our customers without compromising our values is essential to us.

handmade leather watch strap

Why Leather Quality Matters For Watch Straps

The quality of leather affects not only the look of the strap but also its durability and comfort. Top-grade leather ensures that the strap retains its shape, withstands daily wear and tear, and feels comfortable against your skin. Choosing a DaLuca strap is investing in a product that will stand the test of time.


At DaLuca Straps, we go the extra mile to source the best leathers for our collection. Our focus on quality ensures that your strap is not just a purchase, but an investment in superior quality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Discover our unique leather watch straps today and experience the DaLuca difference. Our straps will give you style, provide optimal comfort, and stand the test of time. Explore our unique leather watch straps selection today, and discover the DaLuca difference.

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