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DaLuca Straps: 10-Year Anniversary!

DaLuca Straps: 10-Year Anniversary!

Back in 2009, DaLuca Straps started with a dream. Daniel Luczak wanted to create a company that not only created beautiful one of a kind watch straps, but created watch straps of the finest quality. He was passionate about developing a brand that created some of the best hand-crafted watch straps, which is why he originally began with straps only produced for Panerai brand watches. Thus, in San Diego, California, DaLuca Straps was born.

Today, 10 years later, DaLuca Straps has come a long way from that initial dream. Daniel saw the growing need for quality watch straps across all brands of watches and has since extended his product line. In fact, over the past 10 years, DaLuca Straps has expanded their in house manufacturing team to produce watch bands that fit virtually every watch. Regardless of your daily needs, DaLuca Straps has something for you. Plus, with the handmade quality and customization options available at DaLuca, you can get exactly what you want made out of the highest quality material available. DaLuca’s level of craftsmanship is truly one of a kind.

Another great change DaLuca Straps has made has been the expansion of products outside of their original leather watch strap. Daniel saw a trend in watch wearers, one that couldn’t be catered to with only leather, so he decided to start creating straps made of nylon, rubber, and many other materials. This means watch wearers can get their favorite bands for every occasion, regardless of their budget.

Daniel’s attention to detail goes above and beyond the watch strap itself. Each strap arrives in a padded envelope, with the pieces carefully tucked in small hand stamped muslin cloth bags. Even the stitching on each strap is done with care and precision and will last for years. It is no surprise that customers often mention the detail on their watch straps rarely show signs of wear when taken care of properly.

Finally, with the evolution of DaLuca Straps, Daniel decided to start producing accessories that go beyond simple watch straps. Now, DaLuca offers a number of handcrafted leather goods including a full women’s line of products, men's belts, wallets, key chains, t-shirts and hats, and even dog collars.

If you’re interested in seeing DaLuca Straps in action, you can check out their showroom off of Highway 5 in San Diego, California. Here you can experience the finely tuned machine that produces DaLuca products through a guided tour. You’ll be able to see, and even touch, the products for yourself prior to making a purchase. If you don’t live nearby, don’t worry. It’s easy to purchase any of DaLuca Strap’s products online.

To become a part of the DaLuca Strap family, buying your first watch strap or accessory is easy. Simply head over to DaLuca Straps and browse the selection of accessories offered. Since quality and simplicity are at the forefront of DaLuca’s production, you won’t go wrong with any purchase you make. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email DaLuca’s world-class responsive customer service team. They’re fully trained and ready to help you with anything you need.

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