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Choosing The Right Watch Strap For Your Watch: Do’s and Dont's

Choosing The Right Watch Strap For Your Watch: Do’s and Dont's

If you have a watch, you understand the thought that goes into choosing the right watch strap. It can be stressful, confusing, and oftentimes downright overwhelming. There are so many different types of watch straps available to choose from that it makes the decision much harder than you’d imagine it would be. However, the details of your watch strap help to enhance – or weaken – your overall demeanor, style, and personality. They even have a crazy power to make or break any outfit. To avoid failing to dress to impress, check out our comprehensive guide on the do’s and dont's of choosing the right watch strap for your watch. But before we go further, be sure to take a quick peek at our 18mm nylon watch straps, 20mm nylon watch straps, 22mm nylon watch straps, 24mm nylon watch straps and 26mm nylon watch straps.

First, let’s look at everything you should do.

The number one thing you should do is respect the overall nature of your watch. The face and the style of which will lead you in the right direction. You wouldn’t wear a Rolex every day with a rubber watch strap, would you? While we love rubber watch straps, we also love variety and complimentary accessories. Try and match the overall nature of your watch with the watch strap you’re looking at.

daluca straps handmade leather watch bands

Next, you need to make sure you stick within your style. Don’t try and wear a watch strap as the first step towards making a change because you’ll end up with outfits that don’t exactly compliment each other. You need to create a balance, something that creates harmony rather than chaos.

Finally, if you own other leather products, try and match your watch strap with the colors in your closet. This has the ability to really tie together an outfit.

This same concept can be applied to one of our list’s dont's. Don’t ignore the type of finishing that your watch strap comes with. Glossy straps give off a much different feel than coarse, flat finishes. Don’t ignore the coloring of the stitching and definitely don’t look past the type of buckle on the watch strap. Attention to detail is crucial and you don’t want to end up getting home only to find out that a brown leather watch strap with vibrant white stitching clashes with all of your outfits.

daluca straps handmade watch bands

Just as color and style are important, the material that your watch strap is made out of matters. Don’t assume that leather is the same as nylon and don’t avoid expensive watches because of their initial price. Watch straps are priced that way for a reason, and expensive ones tend to far outlive cheap, inexpensive straps.

Regardless of what type of watch strap you end up choosing, make sure that you’re going with a brand you can trust. At DaLuca Straps, we offer a wide variety of each type of watch strap along with a number of customizable options. All of our watch straps are made with quality and the customer in mind and we’d be happy to help you throughout your decision-making process. Browse our current handmade watch straps today and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products.

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