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Apple Watch - 1st Series Review

Apple Watch - 1st Series Review

Ours is the era of smartphones, smart TVs, smart computers, and well, smartwatches. With the advancements in the field of technology, we can now carry an entire computer in our pocket.

However, some technological giants of the industry decided to take it a step further and gave us the opportunity to connect our smartphones with smartwatches to eliminate the need for frequently checking the cellphone for messages. With smartwatches, you can just look at your wrist and see all the latest notifications and important items.

What Does APPLE Watch Series 1 Offer?

Apple watch series is basically a smartwatch which serves the purpose of a fitness watch with a built-in heart rate monitor and notification center. The watch comes with an aluminum case, an ION-X glass cover, and a patented silicone strap band that is comfortable around the wrist.

The Offered Activities

Other than pairing the watch with your iPhone for notifications, you can use this watch for the purpose of running, jogging, swimming, and other exercises. It will constantly monitor your heart rate, pulse, and other vital information and depict it on display. This way, you will always be in sync with your own health. Moreover, it is also designed to understand different environments and can be used for indoor and outdoor settings.

The Offered Features

The Apple Watch Series 1 uses an accelerometer to determine the current speed of the wearer, the steps taken, and the distance covered. You can use the ION-X touch screen to switch between different apps to monitor and observe different stats. You can also set up reminders for exercising.

The built-in heart rate sensor, an advanced one, will show you the current heart rate and will send out a notification if it gets too high or drops too low. This will also calculate the burned calories, and you can tweak your workouts according to that.

The ambient light sensor controls the overall brightness level of the display so that it is always readable for the users. The built-in gyroscope helps with the monitoring of the directions, and it can also be connected to GPS for running and jogging.

The Offered Comfort Level

The soft rubber silicone strap is quite comfortable around the wrist, and the case also sits smoothly against your hand. The watch is designed to offer maximum comfort during workout sessions without interfering with your exercise routine.

The smaller size of the case weighs around 25 grams, and the larger case weighs around 30 grams. So, you know that it is a lightweight watch. Overall, the watch can weight around one ounce, depending on the watch strap.

The Bottom Line

If you don't really need the GPS tracking functionalities, and high water resistance, this watch is perfect for your fitness monitoring activities. However, for only USD 100 more, you can get a watch from SERIES 2, and enjoy even more functions.

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