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A Lange & Söhne Odysseus Watch Review

A Lange & Söhne Odysseus Watch Review

Launched in 1994, Lange & Söhne is a reborn company, having been a leading producer of fine watches since 1845, they disappeared in the aftermath of World war 2 in 1948, reappearing after the fall of the Berlin wall. Renowned for the incredible quality of their timepieces, the range has, until now, been exclusively manufactured from precious metals, but with the launch of the Odysseus, all that has changed.

This is the first series production Lange & Söhne watch to be made from stainless steel, the Odysseus is also the first watch from the manufacturer with an integrated bracelet. The Odysseus is a groundbreaking release for the brand, with changes that are more than just skin deep. Within it's 40.5mm case sits a new movement, and they added the ability to dive deeper to 120m depth water-resistance, which is another first for the company. It is a practical, all day watch with all the Lange style you love.

The movement, the Calibre L155.1 Datomatic, has been made specifically for this watch, and ticks at 4Hz rather than the 3hz you may be used to from other Lange watches. This higher frequency is designed to keep the movement more stable when dealing with shocks, again marking this out as a new approach for Lange and their first all day sports watch.

The Odysseus is precision adjusted in 5 positions and carries a power reserve of 50 hours. It also is plated in silver and incorporates lovely polished components that look beautiful while in motion through it's stunning rear sapphire crystal, matching the dial ever so perfectly.

At 11.1mm high, the larger bezel means this is a watch with presence, and with lugs built in, you can switch to your favorite watch strap if you wish. The bold face shows the other first for Lange with this watch, a movement that features large day and date indicators that are neatly set into two framed windows in it's gorgeous deep blue face.

The crown is large, making it easy to screw down to maintain that water-resistant performance, and adding to the presence of the whole watch. Across the bezel and case, we see multiple finishes, giving the Lange & Söhne Odysseus a modern look that is very appealing.


While this is definitely a break from the traditional Lange & Söhne watch tradition, the Odysseus is very much a modern sports watch. It blends the superb craftsmanship and detail of the Lange & Söhne brand with the all-day, life-friendly use we expect from today’s sports watches.

While the rest of the Lange & Söhne watch range is truly a work of art, wearing one can be stressful at times, since you are always aware of the fragility and the huge costly watch on your wrist. Not with the Odysseus though, this is a watch you can wear in the shower, take on a trip, such as a yacht excursion, or anything else your day involves.

In that respect, it really is a game changer. A superb sports watch in its own right, it can stand up against the very best on the market, but it is also a Lange & Söhne watch that feels like one, but that you can actually use. If you are looking for a sports watch, this is one of the finest available today. If you are looking for quality handmade watch straps, DaLuca Straps is the place to visit. They carry some of the finest leather watch straps, shell cordovan watch straps and exotic alligator straps among many others.

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