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4 Types of Watches That Every Man Should Own

4 Types of Watches That Every Man Should Own

If you’re an aspiring gentleman of some esteem there’s only one thing that can spruce up any outfit you’re wearing either out or to the office and that is a quality timepiece. Sophistication, style and class all come off of something as simple and as practical as the watch wrapped around your wrist.

Some men have been collecting watches for years, fine tuning a collection that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Others, probably a good amount of individuals reading this, are either just beginning to collect or are considering making this time honored pastime one of their own. This article is going to help those individuals just now discovering the world of watch collecting. Here are the four types of watches that any aspiring collector should put on their “to get” list.

  1. An Everyday watch: This one is simple; it’s going to be your watch that is your go to. The one you wear on a day to day basis. If you want a watch that will be durable and reliable look no further than a classic, stainless steel design. This guarantees that your timepiece will hold up even if you intend to wear it to absolute death. By sticking with stainless you’ll also avoid any sort of gaudy tack that will automatically detract from any outfit you may be wearing. Keep it simple. Make sure to invest a little in your day to day watch, as the more money you put into it, the longer it will serve you.
  2. A leather-bound watch – Classic and often overlooked, leather watch bands can come in many different styles ranging from classy to punk, but typically a leather strap will compliment a casual outfit consisting of say, a t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. Typically these watches are cheaper than their counterparts and you can usually find them for under $100. If you’re feeling daring you can always try a black-strapped one with a suit or tuxedo.
  3. The high-end watch – This is the ladykiller, the one that you only break out on a truly special occasion. This is where you can let your style fly. By simply wearing any number of high-end watches you are immediately making a statement about your own level of sophistication. Investing in a Panerai or other high-level timepiece will provide you with a watch that will last you your entire life and potentially allow you to pass it down as an heirloom.
  4. A digital watch – The least stylish out of these four, but also the most technologically advanced. If you’re not seeking a watch specifically tailored to an outdoor activity like boating or diving, a regular digital watch will prove useful with its vast array of utilities including its timer, date, alarm and moderate water resistance.

By investing in the correct timepieces you will slowly be on your way to understand the phenomenon appreciated by so many individuals worldwide. Watch collecting is rewarding and will surely improve your sense of style.

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